Sri Lanka’s Floodwaters and Death Toll Rise

Sri Lanka Floodwaters RiseAs rain continues to fall over much of Sri Lanka, the country’s death toll from floods and landslides has reached 43 people, and more than 300,000 have been affected by the damage.

Adding to the island nation’s problems, which began nearly a month ago, the minister of health announced an outbreak of leptospirosis, or rat fever, a potentially deadly disease often caused by contaminated water. Citizens were advised to stay hydrated, but many have lost their clean water sources.

With this in mind, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams are cleaning out wells and areas destroyed by landslides.

Other teams are organizing temporary shelters and distributing dry rations, including rice, lentils, canned fish, milk powder, potatoes, onions, biscuits, toothpaste and soap.

With more than 31,000 people living in 246 relief camps, the extent of the long-term aid needed remains to be seen. Many areas in the north are still underwater, and in some places the floodwaters are still rising.

In parts of the country where waters have receded, families have returned to find thousands of farming acres destroyed and livestock washed away. In addition to the 5,437 homes completely destroyed, more than 25,000 have been partially damaged.

“The majority of the work is restoration,” said Gospel for Asia (GFA) President K.P. Yohannan. “There is much hard work ahead.”

Please continue to pray for our missionaries as they reach out with short-term aid and long-term restoration.

Your gift toward flood-relief efforts will help Compassion Services teams provide assistance to the suffering, touching lives with the love of Christ.

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