Prayers and Compassion for Leprosy Community

Woman with leprosyAlready viewed as a burden and even a curse in her culture because she is a widow, Aditri also suffers from the physical pain and social dejection of having leprosy. She lives in a center for leprosy patients where Gospel for Asia staff members recently distributed food packets and blankets.

Although the center is run by a group of people who follow one of Asia’s traditional religions, they were still happy to have the missionaries and church leaders come visit and pray with patients. And the missionaries gave a practical gift to each patient.

“God loves you and cares for all,” Gospel for Asia Pastor Vagish shared with the group of men and women as he encouraged them to remember that God is the one who created them.

The believers were able to pass out food and blankets to the patients and share the love of Christ with them, which brought tears of thankfulness to many of the patients’ eyes.

“This winter is so hard to bear, and it was very difficult for me to provide these things to my son. The blanket is so beneficial to us,” Aditri explained, giving thanks for the gift.

“I am extremely happy to receive the gifts, and I am thankful to the church for caring for us at this age,” said Parveen, another resident of the center. “The food packets and blankets are really a blessing for my life, and I will not forget the help extended to me.”

Aditri, Parveen and the other residents were not just given blankets and food, though—they were given the opportunity to truly experience God’s love through the believers.

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