Clear Sight in One Dozen Villages

Medical ministry camp - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanAs a farmer in South Asia, Bakhtawar had spent his life working hard and getting dust in his eyes—so much dust that, over time, it damaged his vision. Unfortunately, the hard work didn’t give him enough money to fix his eyes.

Knowing the area was full of people in the same predicament, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastors and their churches organized an eye-care camp where anyone could come and receive a free eye exam and treatment.

Two specialists came to treat patients who came from a dozen surrounding villages. By the end of the day, 203 people had received free care.

“I could not get even glasses to wear to protect my eyes,” said an elderly man named Rahman, “but now I’m very happy I got free medicine.”

Chakori, a believer, had waited many years for treatment but never had enough money. Now she thanks God for heeding her prayers.

The missionaries also invited members of the local government to the camp. One of them gave a special address, thanking the churches for loving the downtrodden and caring for their needs. He assured his own assistance in meeting health needs at the government level.

As the churches continue to work in cooperation with local doctors and officials, they hope many people will not only see their physical needs met but also understand the workers’ motivation: the healing love of Jesus Christ.

GFA-supported medical ministry provides healthcare and education throughout South Asia. Find out more!

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