Drought Devastates Farmers, Some Commit Suicide

Drought Devastates Farmers, Some Commit Suicide Today dry, cracked ground and barren fields cover the landscape of Maharashtra. The farmer’s crops are dying, and with shortages of water supplies, people’s lives waver in the balance. Clouds hover over the fields, bringing gentle drizzles instead of the usual torrential monsoons, which Northeast India is currently experiencing. How to survive stands at the forefront of many minds in Maharashtra.

As the natural resources for water are being depleted, many villagers must buy water from vendors. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this, so livestock—and even farmers’ own lives—are at risk. A number of farmers, because of the emotional strain caused by the loss of their livelihoods, have committed suicide.

A few local leaders have sought to provide water for the desperate villagers, and the government has given straw for the survival of cattle. In one region, six Jesus Wells are currently being drilled.
The drought stands in stark contrast to other parts of India that are experiencing too much rain, even flooding.

Please pray:
• That the Lord will send rain to these dry areas quickly.
• For the completion of the Jesus Wells to be swift and to impact many lives.
• For the farmers to find hope in Christ and not take their lives into their own hands.

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