The Paper by His Father’s Pillow

Gospel literature helps alcoholic father
Each year, thousands of lives are impacted by the hope carried through pieces of Gospel literature. Jomo’s story is only one among many, but each are precious and unique in God’s eyes.

Rajiv’s family was broken, torn apart by destructive alcohol addictions. The beginning to his parents’ story looked similar to the stories of countless other families in Asia, but 9-year-old Rajiv wondered if his family’s story could end differently . . . if only he could muster up enough courage to act.

Alcohol Drives Mother Away

Rajiv’s father, Jomo, drank heavily. Whatever he earned as a farmer was quickly spent on bottles of alcohol instead of the needs of his wife and four children. His thirst was demanding, and he refused to deny it. Meanwhile, the family struggled to survive without Jomo’s help.

In his daily intoxication, Jomo lashed out at his family. The strong drink severely fogged his mind and led him to beat his wife and children, while verbal abuse continually flowed from his mouth.

Finally, unable to cope with the ill treatment, Rajiv’s mother moved back to her parents’ house, leaving her children behind with Jomo. Rajiv, already lacking a positive father figure, suddenly had no mother, either.

Children Find Someone Who Cares

Then Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Kishan opened a Sunday school in Rajiv’s village. Rajiv and his siblings attended with their friends, taking part in action songs, skits, Scripture memorization, Bible story time and other activities that children throughout Asia enjoy at Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sunday schools. In the midst of their family troubles, Rajiv and his siblings learned about the God who is a Father to the fatherless and loves them.

After one particular Sunday school class, Rajiv brought home a piece of literature Pastor Kishan had given him. Through similar papers, many people have discovered Christ’s transforming grace that is offered to all, regardless of what struggles they face in life.

Hope Next to His Pillow

Arriving home with his treasure, Rajiv wanted to give the paper to his father, but fear of his reaction made Rajiv hesitate. He feared the thrashing he might receive if his father didn’t like the literature. Knowing Jomo regularly collapsed onto his bed to sleep off the effects of the alcohol, Rajiv decided to place the paper next to his father’s pillow.

When Jomo woke up the next morning, he saw the piece of paper near his bed. As he read it, the Lord worked a powerful change in his heart. That same day, Jomo met with Pastor Kishan and listened carefully as he talked about Jesus, who redeems and restores all who come to Him. When Pastor Kishan and Jomo prayed together, Jomo experienced adoption into God’s family through faith in Jesus.

A New Life

Jomo started a new life in Christ that day. His unquenchable thirst for alcohol faded away and was replaced instead with a desire to know the One who satisfies the longing soul and heals the brokenhearted.

Now Jomo accompanies Rajiv and his other children to the church led by Pastor Kishan and worships his newfound Savior.

God worked through a simple piece of paper and a frightened little boy to change the direction of this family’s story. The changes in Jomo’s life provide positive examples for Rajiv and his siblings to follow and offer hope for their family to be reunited and made whole one day.


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  1. Colleen

    How beautiful is our Lord redeemer. What a beautiful example of His power to transform.

  2. don

    with God everything is possible. to see His power in this father’s salvation is proof that God truly is a miracle worker. I pray that Gon in His gracy and mercy will strengthen this family and continue to open the most stubborn hearts, ones like me. to God be the glory.

  3. Lorrie

    Such a beautiful testimony of God’s saving grace! The Lord is Awesome!

  4. Mickey

    Let us pray that the family is made whole and Jomo becomes a spiritual father to his children in Jesus Name. God is good all the time.

  5. Eve

    Loved reading of the bravery of this young man to leave this material beside his abusive Dad.
    God be with you & your family.

  6. alan

    Christ is in the transforming business!!!!!

  7. John & Helen


  8. Kathy

    I will continue to pray for this family. As well, I will be praying that I too will bold enough to share the amazing love we have. Sometimes we underestimate the power of a surrendered life and His hand working through it.

  9. Colleen

    Amazing grace!!!

  10. Shelli

    To God be all PRAISE, HONOR and GLORY!!!
    He reigns over all His creation. What a wonderful glimpse of our Heavenly Father’s heart of grace and mercy.

  11. A. Deborah

    What a beautiful story of a little boy’s faith and the love and mercy of God. This is a testimony that God will reach out to the lost no matter where they are. God reached out to an alcoholic and abusive man and pulled him out of that darkness and into His marvelous light. I pray that Rajiv’s mother will also come to know Jesus who came to save the lost.

  12. sheila

    That was a wonderful testimony it brought me to tears. I know the truth is “He satisfies the longing soul and heals the brokenhearted”. I pray the brokenhearted will be able to experience that Love and I would also be able to reach out to someone even, if its with a piece of paper. God is Good! God bless that family and all who read this story.

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