Getting to Know the ‘Crazy’ Woman

Pastor Surin noticed a woman sitting among the congregation as he led the Sunday worship service—the same woman who had been wandering around the village for some time. She was crazy, people said. Now, for the second week in a row, she had come to Pastor Surin’s church. He decided he needed to meet her. Unraveling a Painful Story As […] Read more »

Woman Follows Father-in-law’s Footsteps After His Death

Sadness and frustration hung over the family like a dark cloud. Dadgar, father to Ravalnath and father-in-law to Ratubai, lay in bed, cancer ravaging his body. Doctors had given up on the aged widower, but his family had not. They had taken Dadgar to various temples, offering alms and sacrifices for supernatural healing, but none came. Battle Against Cancer Amongst […] Read more »

Mosquito net distribution held by believers eastern church

Mosquito Net Helps Free Man from Addiction

What began as a small indulgence slowly enveloped Baharupa’s life. The 55-year-old farmer and father of three felt pressured to drink the alcohol given to him at the many village-wide celebrations. But again and again, he ended up drunk. Even with his acquired addiction, Baharupa made sure to take care of his wife and sons, but there were some things […] Read more »

Lajita continues to heal

God’s Love Triumphs Over Teenager’s Mental State

When people looked at Lajita, they saw a teenage girl who refused to speak and who acted like a child. However, when God looked at Lajita, He knew the deep struggles she had been through, and He saw a beautiful girl whom He loved. Traumatic Events By age 17, Lajita had lived through many difficulties. She lost her father at […] Read more »

happy woman

Mother’s Spark of Faith Leads to Miraculous Healing

Sickness plagued the village. Too many lives had been lost already, and as Jany mourned the loss of her husband, she feared she would also lose her daughter. The villagers did not know the cause or the cure, but they knew something had to be done to fight the mysterious illness. When the doctor was unable to provide a medicinal […] Read more »