Son’s Persistent Faith Brings Healing to Father

Boy pictured with his family who now knows healing thanks to sons prayers.
Udahl (pictured front second from the left), convinced his father, Salbador (pictured center back) to attend the church after his chest pain would not dissipate.

For 32-year-old Salbador, the past two years had been fraught with discomfort and pain. The father of three worked at a factory to provide for his family, attempting to keep them out of poverty. Long hours and tough labor resulted in severe, near-constant chest pain. Multiple hospital visits proved no help; the doctors could offer no relief for Salbador’s pain.

A Son’s Faith

Salbador was a believer in name but didn’t fully follow in Christ’s footsteps. His 10-year-old son, Udahl, however, attended church faithfully. Multiple times, Udahl invited his parents to go with him, but they always found some excuse to not go, even after they listened to Udahl chatter excitedly about all he learned at Sunday school.

When Salbador’s chest pain first flared up, Udahl recommended they go to the church.

“I have seen Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Pallatin praying for many sick people in the church,” Udahl told his parents.

Maybe the pastor could pray for Salbador? Maybe Salbador could be healed?

Still, Salbador did not go. Udahl was a child; what did he know?

Undeterred by his father’s stubbornness, Udahl decided to invite Pastor Pallatin to his home. His father could be healed, Udahl knew it.

Through constant and diligent prayer, great things can be accomplished. And like this man pictured, Salbador experienced God’s love through constant prayer.

Healing Finally Found

When Pastor Pallatin visited, he shared exactly what Udahl had told his father: Jesus could heal Salbador’s pain. It seemed impossible, but this time Salbador finally decided to listen. Pastor Pallatin continued to visit the family, continually offering up prayer for Salbador to be healed from discomfort. And soon, those prayers were answered.

Salbador’s chest pain, which had plagued him for two long years, vanished. Rejoicing, the family invited Pastor Pallatin to continue visiting their home and sharing from God’s Word. And after a few blissful months of growing in Christ’s love, the whole family devoted their lives to Jesus.

“For the past two years, I had been taking medicines, but there was no relief,” Salbador said. “Now, the Lord Jesus healed me completely, and I do not feel any discomfort and pain during my regular work.”

Through his son’s persistent faith, Salbador has found healing and a new, invigorated life.

“We are proud of our son,” he said. “As he took initiative for this new life.”


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