Medicine Brought to Those Who Couldn’t Afford It

GFA World hosts a free medical camp for people in need.
Volunteer doctors examined every villager who attended the GFA World medical camp.

Dozens of voices jumbled together as men, women and children patiently waited to be seen by one of the workers stationed at the front of the line. In those workers’ hands, and on the tables, lay objects most of those present could never afford on their own: bottles of medicine.

Not Enough Money

These villagers are among the millions without access to proper health care. The World Health Organization estimates nearly half of the global population does not have full coverage of essential health services because they do not have access or they cannot afford it.[1]

In the villagers’ case, whenever sickness struck, they waited for it to pass. They could not afford to become some of the 930 million people worldwide who are projected to fall into extreme poverty as their finances become drained by expensive hospital visits or medication.[2] For the villagers,the risk of falling deeper into poverty outweighed finding medical relief. It was better to endure pain than to whittle away their finances.

Treatment Freely Given

Nealy, a 55-year-old farmer, couldn’t afford treatment for his leg pain and acid reflux. For six months, Nealy had endured the pain to keep his family afloat, not possessing extra income to receive treatment.

Another villager, Pakuna, a 60-year-old mother of three, had suffered with high blood pressure and diabetes for the previous four years.

They both could not purchase medicine on their own.

But then, in celebration of World Health Day, the villagers were invited to a medical camp organized by several Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers and volunteers. Nealy, Pakuna and the other attendees received medicine according to their needs, free of charge. In total, around 400 men, women and children received medical attention. Beneficiaries thanked the workers, grateful they could receive such care.

Through the medical camp, Nealy, Pakuna and hundreds of others in similar situations were blessed with medical care. Without it, the villagers may never have been able to see to their medical needs or may have gone without ever seeing a doctor. Because of the medical camp, they did not have to choose between falling into extreme poverty or pain—they could be healthy and whole.


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