Hope Is Born When Widows Meet

Kalinda had once lived happily among her family members and all who knew her. She was recognized throughout her village as a good lady who honored the elderly and loved the young ones. Life was normal and blissful for her hardworking husband and two growing sons. They worked side by side each day, tending to the needs of the family. […] Read more »

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When Love Intersects Shame and Pain

Tapan’s community is remarkably diverse for being so unified. Some people were born in lush farm country, others in desert lands. Some may have been carpenters or teachers, others were farmers. They likely grew up speaking a different language than their neighbors. Yet despite their differences, they understand each other more than most people might. They all ended up in […] Read more »

A Servant Girl’s First Christmas

Twenty-year-old Bandhura spent her days washing dishes and cleaning her relatives’ homes. The outside world didn’t know her—no one ever really saw her. The only time fatherless Bandhura ventured out from her duties as a servant was during ritual pilgrimages. When Bandhura was merely a little girl, her father died leaving her mother with a difficult decision to make. She […] Read more »