Prisoner Tastes Fresh Water for the First Time in Eight Years

Prisoner Tastes Fresh Water for the First Time in Eight Years

Inmates of a South Asian prison received a never-ending supply of clean water when Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries gave them BioSand water filters in celebration of World Water Day, which took place March 22. Manav Banjeree, an inmate serving a life sentence, spoke on behalf of the 172 others living behind bars. “I have been here in the jail for eight […] Read more »

An Uncle’s Love for His Niece

Kanya was only 2 years old when she and her mother went to live with her uncle and his family. Her parents had divorced after a tumultuous marriage filled with disunity, misunderstandings and fights. Kanya’s father then ran off with another woman while her mother, Bhabesh, struggled to take care of her little girl. Even though Bhabesh had the shelter of […] Read more »

Knee Pain the Turning Point for Lonely Widow

“Jesus healed me! Jesus healed me!” Sanjula cried out when she saw Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Rupak Das again. Ten days before, Rupak had met 69-year-old Sanjula during a time of outreach. He learned the elderly lady was a widow of 10 years. Her three sons had married and moved away, leaving her impoverished and alone. Sanjula had also suffered […] Read more »

The Bondage of Religion; The Freedom in Christ

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Satyasheel Girish patiently listened to Radhak tell him why he didn’t believe in any gods. Pastor Satyasheel, a few of his fellow missionaries and some Bible college students were passing out pieces of Christian literature, visiting homes and praying for the sick when they met the 45-year-old man. “When we think of religion and other activities, […] Read more »

Jesus Well Ends Thirsty Walk Home

Water scarcity currently affects four out of every 10 people in the world, and it’s expected to escalate in the coming years. With this tremendous need for clean water, Gospel for Asia is drilling Jesus Wells in areas with no source of fresh water. Shriya is one of those who was helped through the installation of a Jesus Well. The […] Read more »

Ronak came to the Lord after learning the meaning of a terrifying dream.

Can You Tell Me If This Dream Has Meaning?

Ronak never showed any interest when Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Manajith Chettra would share the Good News of Christ with him. The way he saw it, he already had his deity, and he didn’t need another. And besides, he was too busy selling and drinking wine, a habit that left his family without peace, to make time for worshiping a […] Read more »