Prisoner Tastes Fresh Water for the First Time in Eight Years

Manav Banjeree speaks on behalf of the prisoners.
Manav Banjeree speaks on behalf of the prisoners.

Inmates of a South Asian prison received a never-ending supply of clean water when Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries gave them BioSand water filters in celebration of World Water Day, which took place March 22.

Manav Banjeree, an inmate serving a life sentence, spoke on behalf of the 172 others living behind bars.

“I have been here in the jail for eight years, and I know how difficult it is to live without clean water for drinking,” Manav said. “I am so thankful to the leaders who care for the prisoners and gave filters for our daily use.”

The GFA-supported missionaries distributed five water filters and explained the importance of using pure, clean water for healthy living. Manav expressed the desire to attain three more filters so each of the eight wards of the prison could benefit from having safe water to use.

The GFA-supported team leader assured him and the others they would provide more filters so all will have access to clean water.

“Indeed, the prisoners, the superintendent, the jailors and others who work in the jail were very happy that we provided water filters for the prisoners,” said a GFA-supported field correspondent.

They hope and pray these filters will help bring the inmates closer to the One who provides streams of Living Water that never run dry.

Watch a short three-minute video about the sweet water of BioSand water filters.

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  1. Austin downes

    It’s extremely encouraging to hear, see and know without a doubt, all that God is doing around the world through all of our partners as we labor together in the harvest field of precious souls. Our prayers will continually go up to God our Father for His great favour as we give heed to call….. Till He comes!

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