Assam Rains Continue After Three Months

Three months after the Brahmaputra River overflowed and flooded more than 2 million people’s homes, heavy monsoon rains continue to devastate the Indian state of Assam.

On September 24, a Gospel for Asia field correspondent reported that two weeks of nonstop rain has caused flooding in 14 of the state’s 27 districts, affecting 870 villages and claiming 11 lives.

Bible college students were called home by their parents and wives to help save livestock from being washed away. In one group of six villages, about 70 believing families lost their homes, and victims across Assam are fleeing to schools, hospitals and relatives’ homes for shelter.

Meanwhile, pastors are facing difficulties in providing physical and spiritual aid. More than 76 churches are flooded, and in one district, a national highway bridge was washed away, severely restricting travel. While prices rise for vegetables and other commodities produced outside the district, local pastors are hard-pressed even to reach their congregations.

Please pray for:

  • The rain to stop immediately and for flood waters to recede so families and churches can rebuild.
  • Pastors to be able to reach their congregations safely and effectively.
  • Safety for all villagers in the affected areas.

Help the victims of the flooding in Assam.


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