Flooding in Sri Lanka Affecting over 300,000

While people around the world celebrated Christmas this week, catastrophic flooding sliced through the island nation of Sri Lanka, leaving thousands homeless and more than 300,000 impacted—many without the basic needs to survive.

During the last two weeks, a continuous downpour of rain fueled flooding throughout a large portion of the island. Now, at least seven people are missing. The floodwaters have destroyed nearly 4,000 homes and damaged 10,000 others. They have also caused landslides, blocked transportation and wiped out thousands of acres of crops.

Even for those who still have their homes intact, their lives have been dramatically affected. With floodwaters, wells become contaminated, which means clean water is not accessible. Crops, which provide many families their only source of income, are completely destroyed. And with food prices skyrocketing, as a result of the disaster, food is unaffordable to many.

This flood comes on the heels of Cyclone Nisha in early November, which affected approximately 200,000 people and displaced close to 20,000. Unlike many of us, these desperate people don’t have the ability to relocate to areas less prone to flooding. They just have to endure whatever comes their way.

Because Gospel for Asia has hundreds of national missionaries in Sri Lanka, we already have Compassion Services teams mobilized to supply help to these displaced and hurting people. Some of the help comes in the form of desperately-needed food. Other workers are busily cleaning wells, helping to eliminate water-borne diseases as quickly as possible.

And although we are working to help meet their basic needs, the people affected have an even deeper-desire to have someone who will listen to them as they pour out their hearts. Counseling those whose lives have been destroyed is part of what makes our workers so unique. As the flood victims discover a God who loves them enough to send help, they are open to hear the Gospel—and many respond.

Gospel for Asia is able to be first-responders to such disasters because of generous friends like you who provide funds for our Compassion Services ministry. If you are able to help our flood-relief teams, we would greatly appreciate it. And remember, 100% of your gift will go to the field to help these needy people.

Whether you are able to give or not, those in Sri Lanka need our prayers at this time.

Please Pray For:

  • God’s comfort and peace to those who have lost homes, crops or loved ones—and for many to embrace His love
  • Continued provision and grace for Compassion Services teams as they minister to suffering people
  • Opportunities to help Sri Lankans recover and rebuild.

Your gift toward flood-relief efforts will help Compassion Services teams provide assistance to the suffering, touching lives with the love of Christ.


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