Nobody’s Listening

RoshanIs there a God who listens and answers people’s prayers? Who created this earth and all the things in it?

It was not the first time Roshan had thought about these things. Although he, his parents and his two sisters were devout followers of one of Asia’s traditional religions, the lack of response from their gods often left him wondering if there was at least one God who would listen.

He struggled with these thoughts for many years, but Roshan never found anyone who could answer his questions—until he enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center.

Is There an Answer?

Roshan was a very rebellious 12-year-old when he first started attending Bridge of Hope. As the staff lovingly counseled him, though, he began to realize they might have the answers he’d been looking for.

When he met Baldev, the local pastor, Roshan opened up to him about the questions he had been struggling with. Why had his gods never answered him? Did Baldev know the One who would?

“Jesus came to earth to save people from their sin,” the pastor told Roshan.

The Truth Set Him Free

As Roshan carefully listened to the pastor, the Word of God reached deep into his heart. Roshan was deeply convicted about the way he had been living. He realized that this was the answer he had been searching for all along, and he decided to put his trust in Jesus.

After his heart was transformed, people began to notice a difference in his life also. Roshan began attending church and became an active participant in church and the Bridge of Hope center.

Parents See the Change

Leading in prayer time at Bridge of Hope and taking on more responsibility are just two of the ways Roshan has changed. An obedient and disciplined young man, he enjoys his 10th-grade studies in English and science, as well as playing soccer. He also is skilled in playing the mandar, a local musical instrument.

The difference in Roshan has transformed his family, too. They now attend church regularly and spend their evenings praying together and reading God’s Word.

As he grows in his faith, Roshan knows God has a special plan for his life. He wants to become a servant of God and tell others the Good News that changed his life and his family.

Watch an interview with K.P.Yohannan to find out more about how God is showing His love through Bridge of Hope.

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    Beautiful testimony …. I am so proud about the good job of the “bridge of hope”are doing God may bless all .

  2. Shilo

    That is so touching and beautiful! With God all things are possible and I’m proud of Rosharon xoxo! May the Lord keep you close to Him, Amen!

  3. Vincent DiMino

    And a little child shall lead them: the pattern established by Bridge of Hope can well be applied even in the “affluent West”, after all, God is the same all the time, everywhere.

  4. anarchobuddy

    “When he met Baldev, the local pastor, Roshan opened up to him about the questions he had been struggling with. Why had his gods never answered him? Did Baldev know the One who would?”

    What I find so interesting is comparing the overall spirituality of the East and West. A couple of weeks ago, I listened to a talk given by a professor of Eastern civilization (he was born in the Philippines) about China. He said that many, with their increase in standards of living, find a void in their lives and turn to spirituality. I wonder why that it seems to be less prevalent in the West. We seem to overwhelmingly have our basic physical needs met; is it that we have so much to entertain or distract us that we don’t see our own need for God?

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