The God Who Answers Prayers

Girl prayingFor all their religious devotion, Oja’s parents seemed mostly unnoticed by the deities they worshiped. They had to make ends meet as daily laborers, never able to find a regular job and always uncertain of what the next day would bring.

But lately, 11-year-old Oja had been learning about a different God—One who cared and could make things happen.

A few months ago, Oja’s best friend had invited her to Sunday School, where they learned songs and stories about Jesus. Oja loved it so much she had stopped going to the temple and started going to church services. She even decided she wanted to follow Jesus.

Then she began to pray.

Counting Her Blessings

When Oja was anxious about her grades in school, she prayed to Jesus and scored at the top of her class, but she had higher aspirations still.

Oja began praying that God would allow her to attend one of the best schools in her area. Her family didn’t have the money to send her, but she knew God could provide a way.

After earning a high score on her exams, Oja received a full scholarship.

Next, Oja prayed for her parents. Her family didn’t have their own land or house, but after Oja prayed, the government started a program to distribute free land in the area. And two weeks after Oja asked God to fulfill her father’s desire for livestock, a relative bought two goats and gave one to the family.

As her family’s herd of goats and income grew, Oja knew there was just one more thing that would make their life complete: Her family needed to know Jesus, too.

Through Oja’s prayers, her parents recognized how greatly God loved them, and they decided to open their hearts to Him. Now the whole family attends church together, and as others look on, it’s clear to see that Oja’s family follows a God who answers those who call on His name.

Find out how GFA staff members are praying for the ministry, and pray with them.

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  1. Brenda

    May the Lord continue to bless this little girl who has great faith in our Lord! Glory to Him!

  2. Guadalupe

    We all need to be children like in our hearts, their faith is truly genuine. A faith most adults don’t have. Lord help us to let go and let you take over.

  3. asenath

    this is awesome, we give our God all the glory

  4. Amelia Romero Prado

    A childlike faith like Oja’s is what we need for God to listen to our prayers. May the good Lord
    continue blessing Oja’s family, not only materially but spiritually.

  5. Rob

    OUR GOD is an AWESOME GOD,HE does answer our prayers.GOD bless GFA and all those who support and work with them.I am delighted to see people like Oja and her family’s prayers answered and needs met.GOD is GOOD and GRACIOUS.Rob.

  6. Victoria

    I thank the Lord for answering Oja’s prayers. He is indeed our Faithful God. I love Jesus, He is good

  7. johan

    AII the glory to god !!!

  8. Jean Woolmington

    Every blessing Oja as you study…our Living God is great and above all things…. trust you will make lots of new friends and they will see how loving our God is through you ……….in the precious name of Jesus I pray for you……love Jeanwoolmington@g,……Ireland….

  9. Tracy

    Even a small child can greatly inspire.

  10. Stephanie Gan Siok Keng

    WOW. WOW. WOW. Worship our wonderful Heavenly Daddy. We received her testimony and ask the Lord to do it again, do it again, in our lives and those who need them.

  11. Patricia

    Thank God for Oja’s faith in Jesus Christ

  12. Don

    What a wonderful GOD we serve!!

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