Poor Families Receive BioSand Water Filters

Pure water from BioSand water filter - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanVillagers living near Gospel for Asia pastor Adri Dhruv’s church often drink water Americans wouldn’t use to water their houseplants. Water is scarce and contains dangerous pathogens. So many people contract deadly diseases from drinking contaminated water that it is one of the leading causes of death in the region.

On India’s Independence Day in 2012, government authorities and more than 100 villagers from the area gathered for a meeting at Pastor Adri’s church. Experiencing the effects of contaminated water every day, these villagers recognized the need for help.

Dr. Ajay Gyan, local government official, talked about water scarcity and pollution in the community. He thanked the believers for working to raise awareness about safe drinking water and also presenting a solution: BioSand technology.

Together with his team, Gospel for Asia missionary Dhiren demonstrated to the villagers how to install and use a BioSand water filter. Amazed at the tool, people eagerly supported the project.

“The tips and education given by the team about the filter and the filter installation which was demonstrated in front of me is awesome. Personally, it is really beneficial for me and my family,” said local villager Abhay Bansi.

A BioSand system takes water and runs it through a 330-pound concrete filter filled with 170 pounds of sand and rocks. Filthy liquid is poured in, and clear, pure water comes out ready to drink.

As the meeting ended, leaders gave 25 BioSand water filters to needy villagers, and Pastor Adri pronounced a benediction. Community members expressed gratitude for a reliable way to purify their water.

“It gives water in a natural way though the gravel and sand,” Mr. Jeevan said. “It has proved that it gives safe and clean water, by which I am very much thankful to the institution.”

With a source of clean water, families in the region will be able to practice better hygiene. Instead of risking waterborne diseases, villagers can drink fresh, clean water.

“This project will play a major role to provide a healthy generation in the days to come,” Dr. Gyan said.

Watch a video to see a BioSand water filter in action.

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