One Week Changed Their Lives Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Layak put together a week long Vacation Bible School program, this was the perfect opportunity for young Rashmi to experience teachings from the Bible and hear about the love of Jesus.

Although she was from a home that was centered around one of Asia’s traditional religions, Rashmi happily danced and sang Christian songs with the other children. She was especially interested in learning the Lord’s prayer and other Bible verses.

After hearing more about Jesus throughout VBS, Rashmi wanted the pastor to pray for her parents. When she went home, she continually asked her parents to have Pastor Layak over to pray to God for all of them—specifically for her mother, who had been suffering from kidney stones for six months.

Finally, Rashmi’s parents agreed and invited Pastor Layak for prayer. The pastor came and gladly asked God to heal Rashmi’s mother of her sickness. Just a few days later, an ultrasound at the hospital revealed that the kidney stones were completely gone.

After seeing this powerful answer to prayer, Rashmi’s entire family decided to trust in the Lord and declare they will never leave Christ or stop following Him.

See how Vacation Bible School impacts children and their families.


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