Come, You Will See Wonders

Sunday school studentsDespite growing up with his mother and brother in a region highly focused on education, Vijay wasn’t very interested in his 10th grade studies. His kind and gentle character made his teachers love him anyway, but it was because of those very characteristics that his “friends” mocked him.

The ridicule left Vijay lonely and unhappy. The sad look on his face one day drew the attention of a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor who happened to see him sitting alone in a park. Pastor Rahendra began talking to Vijay and then gave him an invitation.

“Why don’t you join our Sunday school children?” he asked. “Come there, and you will see wonders.”

The Joy He Sought

Intrigued, Vijay did come, and what he saw there drew him in further. The children were joyful, showing love to one another. Vijay knew this was what he wanted, and he started coming to every class.

Soon, Vijay chose to follow the Lord. He quickly became more active in helping Pastor Rahendra, even leading the Sunday school himself.

Even Greater Wonders

Just when he was finding the joy he desired, though, Vijay experienced a test in his faith. His younger brother Sunil became very sick. Even after going to the hospital, it seemed he might not recover.

Vijay knew Jesus could heal his brother. He shared the Gospel with Sunil and prayed for his healing. The next day, the Lord completely took away the sickness.

Understanding the truth, Sunil started joining Vijay at Sunday school. The two boys had a lot to overcome; the people in their region are very dedicated to their traditional religion and are opposed to Christianity. But trusting in Jesus, the boys remained faithful. No one could take away their joy, for they had indeed seen great wonders.

Sunday schools are often the first ray of hope in an unreached community.

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