Five Days Change Family Forever sound of children singing made Gandhali and her little brother Baneet long to be a part of whatever was going on at the church. As the young children listened, they could hear the teachers share stories from the Bible.

Although Gandhali and Baneet lived very close to the Gospel for Asia (GFA) church, their parents had not shared such songs and stories with them, because they were very devoted to a traditional Asian religion.

When Gandhali and Baneet asked if they could go to the church, their mother and father agreed to let them attend the five-day Vacation Bible School that was taking place. Instead of only being able to listen from the outside, the children were welcomed into the program. Through the songs, skits and stories that were shared, 10-year-old Gandhali and 4-year-old Baneet learned new things about Jesus that thrilled them.

Gandhali and Baneet were overjoyed to share all they had learned with their parents, who were shocked but glad to see the sudden change and happiness in their children. The message of God’s love was more appealing to Gandhali and Baneet’s parents than it ever had been before, so they went to the church to talk with the pastor, Jankesh.

Jankesh shared the Good News of Jesus with the family, and they came to an understanding of Christ’s love that completely changed their lives. The family now worships God, who has given them a peace they had never known before Gandhali and Baneet encountered Jesus at Vacation Bible School.

See how Vacation Bible School impacts children and their families for eternity.


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