Struggling Family Returns to Christ Gospel for Asia (GFA) women missionaries Himani and Vipra visited the home of Jasveer and Nayana to share about Jesus with them, the young family’s troubles soon came to the surface. Nayana opened up to the missionaries about the physical and emotional pain she had been suffering as a result of her husband’s drunken outbursts.

However, Himani and Vipra learned Jasveer had not always been violent and unloving. In fact, he and Nayana had been involved in their church and had even been diligent about praying together earlier in their marriage.

Nayana told Himani and Vipra about how she had grown up in a home that revolved around Christ. Her father served in full-time ministry, and Nayana herself had enjoyed a deep relationship with God.

When she was 22 years old, Nayana married Jasveer. The first two years of their marriage were happy and peaceful. Then Jasveer started drinking regularly.

After some time, Jasveer’s habit led him to serious alcoholism. When he was drunk, he would beat Nayana and their two small daughters. The young family lost the sense of peace and fellowship with the Lord they once had.

Nayana confessed her failure to steadily walk with the Lord to Himani and Vipra, and the women prayed for her and shared encouraging words from Scripture. God used the visit from the missionaries to completely change Jasveer and Nayana’s hearts.

Jasveer was redeemed from his destructive addictions, and he confessed his hurtful actions to Christ and to the church. Nayana became a member of the Women’s Fellowship at her church, and she now prays for and encourages other women with God’s Word, just like Himani and Vipra did for her.

The family has become involved in the local church, and they are diligent to share the redemptive, life-changing power of Jesus with their neighbors and relatives.


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