‘In Jesus’ Hands’: A Street Child’s Testimony

Street child NareshAcross the streets of India, 18 million children sleep, beg and desperately dream of the day they’ll escape. By God’s grace, that dream is coming true every day at Gospel for Asia’s home for runaway and abandoned children. Today, one of them shares his story:

First of all, I’d like to thank my Savior, Jesus, and all of you who have given me a chance to share my testimony. My name is Naresh. I am 14 years old. I have four brothers and one sister. I come from a very poor family. My father is a laborer.

We were living in a hand-to-mouth condition. We were already living our life full of difficulties, but I didn’t know that one more big problem . . . was waiting to enter my life.

One day, without telling anyone, my father left us. We tried to find him, but we could not. We were all very sad. Mummy was crying, crying and crying. I consoled her and said, “Don’t worry, Mummy, I am with you. Your son is with you. I will take care of my family.”

Though I used to work before, now everything depends on me.

After my father left, Mom was shocked. She was almost broken. Then one day she also left us . . . and never came back. I mean she died.

‘I Will Be the Mom and Dad’

I was so sad and started crying. That time I also started thinking I would run away, but I did not do this. I decided I will be the mom and dad of my small brothers and sister.

I continued my work in a motorbike garage. But while working, sometimes I used to think that my little salary is not enough for the survival of my family. I also used to think about the future of my brothers and sister. But nothing was in my hand.

One day, my sister’s teacher found out about our pitiful condition and brought us to the CWC (Child Welfare Committee). Those people sent me to [Gospel for Asia’s children’s home].

Now, I am very happy. Now, I do not need to work. I also go to school. … These people are taking very good care of my brothers.

Now, I don’t think much about the future of my family because I know now, I am in Jesus’ hands, and He and His people will take care of me.

Listen to a Gospel for Asia missionary share more about the plight of South Asian street children and how our children’s home is giving them new life.

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