‘I Cannot Live without This Filter’

Making clean water with a BioSand water filterDadhija’s family had suffered from stomach pain, dysentery and nausea for months, and it really was no wonder: The water they drank was full of worms and, sometimes, sewage.

The family got their water from the municipal pipeline—the only water source in the community. When the pipe broke, sewage mixed with the water, and the families had no option but to go on drinking it. However, Dadhija knew of a way things could be different.

Before her family began to suffer, she had learned of the love of Christ and decided to embrace Him. Now, with her family’s health on the line, she pleaded with Him to provide good, safe drinking water.

On Sunday morning, Dadhija stood before her congregation and asked them to pray with her. Realizing the family’s need, Dadhija’s pastor, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary, took the steps necessary to procure a BioSand water filter. That summer, it was installed on the side of Dadhija’s house.

More than a year later, Dadhija said, “Now I cannot live without this filter.”

Since receiving the gift, Dadhija’s family hasn’t stopped using the municipal pipeline, but the filter is so thorough that waterborne illnesses have been eliminated from the household.

“The water is sweet and keeping us from all the diseases,” Dadhija said. “No more sickness and worries for the health of my family members!”

See for yourself how dirty water, concrete, sand and rocks add up to clean water all across South Asia.

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