Three Days of VBS and Asking for More

Vacation Bible School Lesson - Gospel for Asia - KP Yohannan“I never thought that I would be a part of a VBS program,” said Lajja, but at age 18, she finally got her chance.

Last summer, a group of Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries brought a vacation Bible school program to the orphanage where Lajja and 49 other girls live.

The missionaries divided the girls, ages 4 to 18, into three groups and taught them, encouraging them to depend on the truest friend: Jesus.

“It was easy to recognize or read [on] students’ faces that they were excited to know more about the Bible and action songs,” said a Gospel for Asia (GFA) correspondent.

“I love to be in VBS, to learn more action songs to glorify Jesus’ name,” said Sabeena, 6.

Each girl was delighted to receive her own VBS workbook, and after the lessons, they played games that taught them about living together. Even the orphanage staff enjoyed themselves.

“We knew about VBS but never thought that it would be challenging and interesting for us,” said Tanmaya, 18, one of the girls at the orphanage.

Rabia, 15, said, “I realized that there is a huge difference in secular school teachers and VBS teachers. The games that we played are really amazing and have meaning to live in unity. We want to have more VBS so we can gain more knowledge.”

Hoping to share that knowledge with others, Lajja said, “I must go to those children who are living far away and no one goes to them to celebrate the name of Jesus.”

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