Abandoned and Abused

Women's Fellowship - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanAfter five years without children, Nadia’s husband decided he’d had enough and married another woman, but starting over wasn’t quite so easy for Nadia. Her parents were gone, so she moved in with her older sister and began sewing clothes to earn her living.

The new home, however, was far from being a peaceful refuge: Nadia’s husband had wanted nothing to do with her, but her brother-in-law wouldn’t leave her alone.

Day after day, Pachaimuthu sexually abused Nadia, and when he wasn’t physically assaulting her, he harassed her with filthy words. Living under the same roof as her tormentor, Nadia began to hate her life, but she had no way to escape.

What will I do and where will I go? she wondered. The only answer she knew was suicide. By God’s mercy, she soon met a group of people who showed her a better way before she could carry out her plans.

To Be Strong and Courageous

The Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship in Nadia’s village met regularly to study the Word of God. One day, they invited Nadia to join them.

The teacher shared from Joshua 1:6-7, and Nadia was touched by the Lord’s exhortation to “be strong and courageous.” Comforted by the words, she knelt before God and prayed with tears, “Jesus, help me.”

In an instant, Nadia felt true joy as the love of Jesus Christ filled her.

After Nadia’s decision to follow Christ, her brother-in-law continued to torture her, this time with a religious bent. He forced her to venerate her old gods and tried to keep her from talking to other believers.

But now, Nadia isn’t giving in to despair. Pachaimuthu has forbidden her from going to church, but she regularly finds ways to attend, and as she learns to trust in the Lord, she is finally filled with hope.

Women’s Fellowship members are strongly devoted to the Lord and to each other. Read how one group saw God heal a member’s father through prayer.

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