A VBS Program ‘Beyond His Imagination’

Vacation Bible School student at desk - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanHimesh hadn’t even hit his teens when he started breaking curfew. The 11-year-old boy had no respect for his parents and preferred spending late nights with his friends instead of listening to his parents’ lectures.

One day, though, a Christian friend asked Himesh to visit a young Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor named Chirayu. The pastor invited Himesh to attend a Vacation Bible School program. Himesh was so excited, he immediately said, “Yes,” not thinking to ask what it was.

Fortunately, the program did not disappoint.

“Beyond my imagination, it was a good program,” Himesh said.

Pastor Chirayu opened with prayer and worship songs. It was the first time Himesh had seen songs with corresponding hand gestures, and he happily joined the other children. He enjoyed it so much that he returned the next day, and God began to work in his heart.

What No One Had Ever Taught Him

At VBS, Himesh said, “I learned for the first time that Jesus Christ is the true God, and He loves children like me. The whole night, I was thinking about all that happened in the program.”

He longed to follow Jesus, but he was scared to voice his desire in front of the other children. It wasn’t until the last day of VBS, when Pastor Chirayu allowed the children to share their testimonies, that Himesh worked up the courage.

“I was a bit afraid,” Himesh said. “Even then, I went ahead and testified God’s name.”

When he returned home, Himesh told his parents all about the love of Jesus. Although his parents cling to their traditional religion, they have allowed Himesh to follow Christ in peace. But if opposition should arise, Himesh is determined to stand firm.

“Whatever situation may come in my life, I will not leave my Jesus,” Himesh said, “and I want to [serve] Him all the days of my life.”

What brought Himesh back to VBS? See for yourself!

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