Doctors Fail, VBS Teacher Prays

Saeeda took her children to VBSSaeeda crawled across the floor like a snake, but her children knew she wasn’t playing a fun game of pretend. The spirit attacking her caused this strange behavior, as well as severe stomach pain.

Saeeda had tried medicine for the recurring attacks, and her husband took her to every place he could in search of her healing. Still, the family’s relatives and neighbors watched sadly as Saeeda returned from each new doctor with no hope of a cure.

One day, Saeeda took her children to a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Vacation Bible School program, where she happened to meet Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Vikranta, who was teaching at the program. As they talked, she shared about her problems. Vikranta told Saeeda about Jesus and prayed for, encouraging her to trust God for healing. Feeling better, Saeeda asked Vikranta to visit her house.

The next day, Pastor Vikranta came to Saeeda’s house and shared the Good News with the whole family. He encouraged them to trust Jesus and prayed for them.

As Vikranta spoke to the Lord, the spirit attacked, and Saeeda began to act strangely again. Eventually, she calmed down and stopped saying any words at all. Seeing an opportunity, Pastor Vikranta began to pray for Saeeda’s deliverance. Soon, the spirit fled.

The family rejoiced to see the miracle, and Pastor Vikranta explained that it was Jesus who had delivered Saeeda —a fact that Saeeda began telling everyone.

Saeeda began attending church with her children, and other women now come because of her testimony. As Saeeda grows in her faith, she hopes the rest of her family will recognize God’s power and love, too.

“I thank God for healing me,” Saeeda said. “My health was not good before. The evil spirit tormented me, but now Jesus has healed me completely. … Thank you, Jesus.”

In much of South Asia, VBS season is April and May. Learn how you can pray for the parents whose children are attending VBS right now.

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