Father Healed, Son Is Home

Young Boy - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanRitesh was like any 13-year-old in his village. His parents farmed for a living, so he was often out late with friends and faithfully served the gods of his culture. But even that had not kept Ritesh from rebelling against his parents, no matter how much they counseled him.

“When I look back to my past life, really it was very terrible to remember.” Ritesh says. “I was disobedient to my parents. I was just involved in worldly pleasures, and most of the time I was out of the home.”

But when he happened to go to the Vacation Bible School held by a local Gospel for Asia (GFA) church, he learned new songs and dances as well as heard the Good News of Jesus.

“When I attended the VBS classes regularly, my heart was transformed.” Ritesh said. “God changed my life and gave me a burden for perishing souls.”

At the VBS program, Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Tarun asked the children if any of their families had any problems. “Today we will be praying for your family,” he said.

Ritesh stood up and shared that his father had been sick for the past two years and one of his legs was wounded. Even after using medication, he still wasn’t healed.

Pastor Tarun said he would come to Ritesh’s house that evening.

When Pastor Tarun arrived, Ritesh’s parents welcomed him in and listened as he shared how Jesus could heal Ritesh’s father. Pastor Tarun then prayed and encouraged the family.

Within one month, his father was completely healed. As a result, Ritesh’s family opened their hearts to Jesus.

“I praise God for His love and care for my life and my family.” Ritesh says. “I am very thankful to the VBS program, which started in my village and brought a lot of change and peace to my family. Now we all, as a family, enjoy our everyday life with Jesus Christ, and we also share His love with many.”

See how VBS is introducing more children like Ritesh and their families to Jesus.

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