The Gospel Gave Her Hope

Woman national missionary - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanRuchira, along with her husband, Jayin, came from a deeply religious background. She prayed and practiced rituals regularly to receive blessings for her life. However, there came a time when her life was anything but blessed.

Ruchira started behaving strangely toward her husband and children, acting roughly and saying hurtful things for no apparent reason. She did not take care of her children properly, and she wanted to live alone.

Man Seeks Healing for His Wife

Jayin greatly desired his wife to be cured of this strange behavior, so despite being poor he spent all the family’s money to take her to hospitals and doctors. Unfortunately, they could do nothing for her, and the family fell into a financial crisis.

One day, Ruchira was visiting her parents when she saw a group of women enter the neighboring house for prayer. The women happened to be part of a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship group led by Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary Bhavna. When they finished, the women met with Ruchira as well.

Bhavna and the women shared about the love of Jesus with Ruchira, and Ruchira told them of her problems and asked them to pray for her.

These women continued to visit Ruchira and pray for her, encouraging her in God’s Word. Gradually, Ruchira opened up to Jesus and put her faith in Him. Within a few days of this decision, she was miraculously healed of her former ailments.

Woman Finds Peace and Healing in Christ

Ruchira’s life was completely turned around through this. She began taking care of her family and showing love to others. Her husband was delighted to see her transformation.

Now Ruchira attends church regularly and participates in all the activities. The blessings of health and peace she once sought have been granted to her in abundance by Jesus. Though her husband, Jayin, has not put his faith in Jesus as she has, he is open to Christ in a way he would never have been before.

Women missionaries like Bhavna can reach out to other women like Ruchira in ways a man could not. Learn more about women missionaries.

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