Finding Joy Between the Lines

boy praying - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanYoung Abhinav had to quit school after seventh grade because of his family’s financial condition. He even had to move to a village two and a half miles away to live with his aunt, Mishti, to ease some of his parents’ financial responsibilities.

He didn’t enjoy living with his aunt much; she’d often share with him about Jesus—something he didn’t want to hear about. He was content with his ancestral deities and believed that abandoning them would cause future generations to forget their origin. So he did his best to avoid Mishti.

His cousin, Gaurav, on the other hand, was like a brother to Abhinav. They spent a lot of time together, and Gaurav gave Abhinav time to grow in his curiosity of Jesus.

On some Sundays, Abhinav went to church with his aunt and cousin. While there, he met two Gospel for Asia (GFA) women missionaries, Aasha and Charu. They shared some Christian literature with him and said it would give him wisdom and insight even without attending school. He delightfully took the books home to look over.

Learning More than Good Behavior

During the weeks that followed, Abhinav spent his leisure time reading the literature. The more he read, the more he began to wonder about Jesus.

One day, Abhinav asked Gaurav, “How does it feel to worship the Lord?”

“If you believe the Word of God and ask Jesus into your heart,” Gaurav responded, “then you will understand true lasting joy.”

He encouraged Abhinav to come to church more regularly to learn more.

Abhinav began listening carefully when he heard the teachers sharing the Word of God and, one day, decided to ask Jesus into his heart. In that moment, filled with great joy, he shared with his aunt his decision and told her it felt as though a large stone was lifted from his body.

Happy about his newfound faith, Abhinav returned home to see his parents and tell them about Jesus—but they didn’t share in his happiness. Upset by his news, Abhinav’s parents sent him back to his aunt, but he prays that one day they will experience lasting joy as well. Please join him in his prayers.

See how literature, like the one Abhinav read, is helping GFA pastor Alhad share the Good News.

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