Regaining the Love She Lost

Bridge of Hope meals - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanBala is an only child, but she didn’t grow up with any of the privileges normally attached to her position. Despite her father’s hard work as a laborer, Bala’s family hardly had the money for one meal a day—much less to dote on Bala with nice, new clothes or to send her to a good school.

When Bala turned 5 years old, her father died from a sudden illness, so her mother began working hard to feed the family. A year later, however, Bala’s mother fell sick and passed away, too.

Bala’s grandmother, Udita, was left to care for the little girl, but she was too old and feeble to work. With no one to help them, she and Bala struggled to get through each day.

Helped Before They Could Ask

One day, some of Udita’s neighbors told her about Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope, where poor children receive a quality education, medical care and meals for free.

Udita longed to secure Bala’s future by getting her into the program, so she decided to meet with the coordinator. Before she had the chance to, though, a Bridge of Hope staff member, Raj, visited her village.

The very moment Raj learned of Bala’s situation, he called his coordinator and asked to enroll the girl at the center. The coordinator immediately agreed, and Bala’s life began to change.

When Bala arrived at the Bridge of Hope center, she wore shabby clothes and struggled to read and write, but the staff quickly began working with her. Instead of seeing her as a problem to be fixed, they showed her genuine love, treating her as their own daughter. As a result, Bala was completely transformed.

Loved Like a Daughter

Today, Bala has been an orphan for six years, but she doesn’t live with the despair usually attached to her status. Instead, she comes to the Bridge of Hope center eager to sing and dance, certain that her life doesn’t lack anything—even parental love.

Udita is thrilled to see her granddaughter’s improvement, and she has told the entire village about what Bridge of Hope has done for her family.

“I am so grateful to this Bridge of Hope center for being a great support to me and my granddaughter and giving us hope in a time of great crisis,” she said.

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