Water Flows from the Mountain Side

Men getting water - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanBasking in the mountains of east India rests a small village with more than 50 families. They work hard six days a week laboring in the tea gardens, doing carpentry work or working other jobs they find in order to make a living.

The village seems nearly abandoned during the day with only the mothers, young children and elderly quietly going about their business. But the village comes alive in the evening when the school-going children and working adults return. After long days of work, almost everyone relaxes and breaks up the monotony of their lives by drinking alcohol—maybe that’s because water is in short supply.

For years, the village has had a shortage of water. The nearest water source is three miles away. And after a hard day of work, three miles is just too long a journey.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Harsha Rai discovered this challenge, he requested a Jesus Well be installed for the villagers to get clean water—and an ample supply.

Due to their mountainous surroundings, a traditional well would be unreasonable. So, their needs were met with a unique Jesus Well where a large tank serves as a reservoir for water gathered from distant streams. Now, villagers can travel a few feet to the well’s spouts for their water needs.

All the villagers are grateful for the Jesus Well and gladly welcome the pastor and local women missionaries into their homes, allowing them to share how to get the true water of life.

See how Jesus Wells similar to the one in this village are changing other villages.

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