Boy Inspired to Help

mother and son strugglesGandhik sat by himself while the rest of his classmates enjoyed each other’s company. Gandhik didn’t want to mingle with the other children. How could he when his life at home seemed like a mess? His father had moved out years before to live with another woman. His only sibling had gotten married, leaving Gandhik’s mother to care for him and the home. She worked as a maid but still found it difficult to provide for their needs.

Gandhik lost any sense of happiness. When staff at the local Bridge of Hope center learned of his situation, they helped Gandhik enroll in the program. There, a teacher, Shakeela, cared for Gandhik and helped him with his studies. She took the time to explain the class notes to Gandhik, which garnered a genuine interest in his studies. She also taught him how to be responsible and encouraged him to play sports with the other children.

As Gandhik and Shakeela developed a friendship, she was able to share about the abundant love of Jesus. They’d read the Bible together, and soon faith began to grow in his heart. He started praying and fasting for his family every Saturday.

As an answer to prayer, God provided his mother with a job where she was able to earn enough for their needs. Seeing this miracle, Gandhik embraced new life—and joy—with Christ.

Today, he’s growing in his faith, he’s graduated from school, and he aspires to help those in his community.

“I thank God for this wonderful Bridge of Hope center. By learning from Bridge of Hope activities, I would like to help others. How I received help from Bridge of Hope is the same way I would like to help the poor and needy people,” Gandhik said.

See how another family, just like Gandhik and his mother, was transformed through Bridge of Hope.

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