Wayward Man Returns to Faith

man encouraged by women missionariesMandin and his family worshiped the village gods—at least, that is what they had resorted to.

When several believers visited his home one day, they asked him about his knowledge of Jesus. His demeanor suddenly changed, and a shadow of defeat crossed his face.

“Four years ago, I was a Christian,” Mandin said, “but because of opposition from our villagers, I could not continue in the faith. The opposition was unbearable.”

A woman missionary, Jhilmil, who came with the believers, encouraged Mandin with God’s Word and invited him to pray daily.

These words of encouragement sparked Mandin’s dedication to praying once again, and his consistency added to his joy. Assurance of God’s love built up his confidence to stand as he once again faced conflict with the villagers after returning to trusting Jesus.

Twelve days later, Jhilmil and other believers saw Mandin again.

“How are you doing?” Jhilmil asked.

Mandin responded, “Now, we will not turn back from our faith because Jesus gives us what is needed to live in this world.”

Mandin and his family found new joy and started attending the local worship each week. When the villagers began taunting them about their faith, Mandin did not cower. Instead, he trusted in God.

“The Lord Jesus can do everything,” Mandin says. “He can change the hearts of the people who are opposing us.”

Discover how Vachan opposed a Jesus Well—then experienced opposition himself over it.

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