A woman afflicted by leprosy

Touching the Untouchable

Charumati’s husband lay dead. Her son, Devan, clung to her, too young to fully understand what had happened. A dark pall settled over their future, and Charumati struggled to provide food and shelter for him. Through her years of labor, she didn’t notice the day the bacteria entered her flesh. It wasn’t until her son reached adulthood that Charumati recognized […] Read more »

Men find hope in prison

Handwritten Hope

Surrounded by prison walls, Sabrang looked at the blank page and clutched the pen. The words he’d heard on the radio beckoned for him to ask questions. He used the words he could find to express the sorrow he felt. Sabrang sent the letter to the GFA-supported radio follow-up center and waited. It wasn’t long before he got a response […] Read more »

Finding Shelter in Christ

The small hut’s bamboo poles supported a thin plastic roof that attempted to provide shelter for the family sleeping fitfully beneath its cover. It failed. Rain dripped steadily through the poorly constructed layers to land on thin blankets below. The waters penetrated the fabric, chilling the form of a man whose sun-darkened skin gave evidence of a lifetime of hard […] Read more »