The Lord Had Different Plans

The Lord Had Different PlansOne question kept playing over in Lalli’s mind: How would she provide for her family now that her husband was dead? When he was living, the little money he didn’t spend on alcohol helped them stay alive, but now, how would Lalli, as a housewife, fill her children’s hungry stomachs? Lalli fell into an emotional puddle as she tried to cope with the circumstances before her.

Lalli learned to accept her fate, but she still maintained a kindling of hope that she would somehow gain blessings and a better future for her children.

She eventually found work as a household servant, so she began to work in several homes. Her life became endless labor, day by day, with little chance of it ever changing. Questions and fears for her children suffocated her joy, while the harsh reality of her husband’s death stung her peace.

Finding Present Help—Through VBS

Lalli’s daughter Hania joined her friend at a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Vacation Bible School program held by the local church, which was led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Tuya. It was the first time Hania heard about a loving God, and the songs and stories she learned excited her. Hania told her mother all she experienced and learned, and although Lalli listened, she was far too concerned with their struggles to show much interest. But Hania’s curiosity grew.

When the VBS program ended, Hania and her brothers started to go to Sunday school regularly. Soon Pastor Tuya and his family visited Lalli’s home and shared with her about the unshakable hope found in Jesus. Lalli felt a sense of joy wash over her as they prayed for her needs.

Living Victoriously

They began prayer meetings in Lalli’s home, and she saw for herself that Christ is a loving God. She began to rest and trust in the Lord to supply all of her needs.

“Jesus is my refuge and strength, and He is able to lead me victoriously every day,” Lalli says.

Now that she has found Christ and His promise to take care of her, Lalli is at peace because she knows God is in control, and He loves her even in the midst of her trials.


Learn how widows like Lalli are experiencing peace through their struggles.

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    Amen. Living FOR and THROUGH our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!

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