What Treatments Couldn’t Do

What Treatments Couldn't DoSahaj couldn’t walk properly. Her joints were giving her trouble, and she was in constant pain. She held out for hope of relief, so she traveled a few villages away, to her mother’s home, to receive treatment. But the treatments proved to be of no help; in fact, she became worse.

Genuine Care and Healing

Sahaj’s mother, Banht, was a widow who had been taking literacy and hygiene classes led by a group of Sisters of Compassion. Banht observed how genuine the sisters were and how they deeply cared for the women in the classes. Often, the sisters would pray healing for the widows’ ailments and sicknesses.

Seeing this, Banht thought of her daughter. She asked the Gospel for Asia (GFA) Sisters of Compassion to pray for her daughter’s joints to heal. The specialized women missionaries willingly traveled to Banht’s home, where Sahaj was staying. They gently laid hands on Sahaj and prayed for her. They faithfully prayed and encouraged her and Banht to trust in God’s healing power.

After three weeks, the Lord Jesus completely healed her! As Sahaj experienced this healing and love from God, she believed in Him and received His hope. Sahaj now attends church every week, and though her family has not joined her, they remain interested in this God who has the power to heal.

Through Pain Comes True Life

Sahaj now has true joy as she looks at the restoration God has worked in her life. The pain she once suffered has led her to the place where, for the first time, she has found a love that heals.

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