Flooding in Myanmar Ruins Crops, Livestock and Homes

Flooding in myanmarContinuous heavy rains in western Myanmar have destroyed thousands of homes and flooded hundreds of acres of paddy fields. Schools and marketplaces have also closed or are submerged in the rising waters. In their struggle to survive, villagers have fled to the hilly areas to make temporary shelter. Food has become scarce, and many are dying from starvation.

One Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor’s home and the church building where the pastors are now filled with water due to the flooding of the rivers. Many families in nearby villages are suffering and are in urgent need.

“The heavy rainfall has destroyed [two villages] badly,” a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary said. “Many of their livestock were killed, and the rice piled in the barn has also been destroyed because of the flooding of the [local] river.”

Please join us in prayer for the flood victims.

Please pray:
– For the rain to stop and for a favorable shift in the weather.
– For the Lord to bring quick relief to provide food, clothing and shelter.
– Comfort for the villagers during their intense hardship.

The flooding in Myanmar has affected the livelihood of hundreds and has caused the death of 60. Read this web page to find out more details.

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  1. JPinBJ77

    Yes. Let’s lift these people up to God in prayer.

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