When the Sorcerer Didn’t Show Up

Gathered around Mayil here and there were the faces of children, hungry to learn and eager to hear the stories she had to share. She often spent time tutoring them from their lessons in school and teaching them Bible stories. But Mayil, a Gospel for Asia-supported women missionary, wasn’t openly accepted by all of the people in this village. The […] Read more »

Village Chief Stands Up for Pastor

Guilty or innocent? This question consumed the minds of all the people in the village meeting. Villagers had accused Pastor Caka of causing disunity in the village and teaching the people of his congregation to keep away from the other villagers. All sides were heard—now it was up to the village chief to give the final word. Opposition and False […] Read more »

When a Baby Couldn’t Bring Lasting Joy

Two problems robbed Gunita of happiness: For 14 years, she hadn’t been able to have a baby, and for many of those years, she also suffered from constant bleeding that weakened her body. Gunita started worshiping idols zealously and trying out witch doctors’ remedies. After several months, she gave birth to a daughter. She finally felt happy—for a time. Gunita’s […] Read more »

Dirty Hands Claim Lives

Around the world, October 15th is recognized as Global Handwashing Day. In recognition of the annual occasion, Gospel for Asia-supported churches, Bridge of Hope centers and Women’s Fellowships are doing their part to bring awareness about disease prevention to the people of South Asia. “In many parts of our society, awareness of hygiene is still poor and lacking,” said one […] Read more »

While helping students excel academically, Bridge of Hope often helps students find their talents and abilities. a

Disaster Traps Family, Bridge of Hope Offers Way Out

Moving homes is often stressful, but for Sashmita and her family, moving wasn’t just a challenge; it was a painful hardship that threatened to ruin their chances for future success. They moved because they had lost all their property in a flood. Already poor, Sashmita’s parents struggled to get back on their feet and provide for their three children. But […] Read more »

Disturbed Wanderer—Answered Prayers

Anxiety surged through Tandi’s mind and heart. Her husband had been missing for almost a year and the full weight of providing for the family fell on her shoulders. She worked as hard as she could in the fields, but the knowledge that her husband was gone lurked in the shadows of her mind. Deep sorrow and hopelessness invaded her […] Read more »