Disturbed Wanderer—Answered Prayers

Disturbed Wanderer—Answered Prayers Anxiety surged through Tandi’s mind and heart. Her husband had been missing for almost a year and the full weight of providing for the family fell on her shoulders. She worked as hard as she could in the fields, but the knowledge that her husband was gone lurked in the shadows of her mind. Deep sorrow and hopelessness invaded her emotions. The more she thought of her husband and his whereabouts, the more nervous she became. But this was her life. There seemed to be no hope in sight.

All Hope Wasn’t Lost

Years ago, Tandi and her husband were blessed with three daughters and two sons. They worked as farmers and followed the traditions and religion of their family. But one problem disrupted their seemingly quiet life: Tadi’s husband was mentally disturbed. He had no awareness of what was going on around him, and one day no one could find him.
Tandi then carried the full brunt of providing for her family. Her hard work in the fields taxed her body, and the thought of never seeing her husband again wearied her heart. During this time, Tandi met a Christian woman named Ektaa.

Restoration and Answered Prayers

Ektaa comforted Tandi and shared with her the Word of God. Ektaa’s words brought a glimmer of hope into Tandi’s life. Tandi attended a Christmas program at Ektaa’s church and later met with the pastor. Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Panan encouraged her in the Lord and invited Tandi to attend church regularly. His words eased her heart, and his kindness and encouragement gave her confidence to attend weekly.

As Tandi continued to learn more about Jesus, her faith grew. She decided to ask the Lord for the one thing her heart had been longing for. She prayed in faith that the Lord would send her husband back home to her—and He did! Her husband miraculously returned home! As a result, Tandi accepted the love of Christ into her life.

Tandi showed her appreciation to the Lord by testifying of His goodness in church. Although her husband is not completely healed of his mental condition, he has greatly improved. Tandi continues to be a part of the church and has even brought her husband. She no longer lives in hopelessness because her faith became sight when the Lord answered her earnest prayer.

Many women like Tandi are being reached with the love of Christ through the prayers and encouragement of our brothers and sisters. Read how Jyoti’s prayers were answered.

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