‘I Will Never Leave My Jesus’

Women MissionariesOne woman named Saparna shares how God healed her from a life-threatening disease when the gods her family adored couldn’t bring her relief.

I am Saparna. I am 35 years old. … I have a husband and four children. … I and my husband take care of the family through farming.

Since I grew up in a [religious] family, I would worship many gods and goddesses and follow the customs of [my religion]. My mother especially had a strong faith in [our] gods. Sometimes she would fast and pray for 21 days to please her deities and receive their favor. Everything was moving smoothly in my family and we had no problems at all.

But in the year 2011, I began to suffer from severe stomach pain. I did not share about this [with] anyone. I thought my gods and goddesses would heal me completely from this small sickness.

But I was wrong.

As days went by, I struggled a lot. I could not bear the pain anymore, so I went to a government hospital . . . After medical tests, the doctor told me I was suffering from uterus cancer.

When I heard this news, I was shocked to the core. I was so sad and heartbroken. So one particular day, I told my mother about this problem. She was terrified when she heard about my illness. She immediately told me to visit the government hospital . . . for treatment. So I went to the hospital with my husband. A senior doctor told my husband that my uterus was totally damaged, and even if I had an operation, there was little chance I would survive. After hearing this, I lost all my hope for recovery. From that day on, I lost interest in everything, and I was just awaiting death.

Brand New Hope

One day a lady named Garati, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Women’s Fellowship leader . . . shared with me about the love of Jesus Christ. That was the first time I heard the name of Jesus in my life.

By hearing about the love of Jesus, I could not control my tears. That very moment, with tears rolling down my [face], I gave my life to Jesus, saying, “Jesus, I love you. Please have mercy on me my life and heal me from this dangerous disease.”

That day I confessed my sins before the Lord and opened my heart to Him.

Prayer and Healing

Garati prayed for me and encouraged me with promises of God, saying, “He is . . . God, and He is going to wipe away your tears. … You will be alright.”

Those beautiful words really comforted my heart. I felt relaxed, as if God took away every burden and tension from my life. …

One Sunday, I visited [a local church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor. After the worship service, Garati shared with the congregation about my illness. So the pastor and all the members of the church prayed for me. From then on, I began to attend Women’s Fellowship meetings every Saturday, too. There, the sisters earnestly prayed for me. Gradually, I started to recover from my sickness.

Through the continuous prayers of the pastor and the Women’s Fellowship team, a year later I was totally healed. … Only Jesus . . . hears our prayers and stands with us in the time of our failures, poverty, agony, pain, sicknesses and problems.

I am very thankful to my Jesus Christ for giving me a new life to live on this earth and worship Him all the days of my life. … I will never leave my Jesus.

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  1. Jo

    It’s so inspiring to hear such wonderful new, I’m so happy for her. I am born again, and go through many trials because of my disobedience. Thank you for sharing this. It helped me ! God bless you!

  2. Gordon

    It is a blessing to hear about this. Praise the Lord for your healing!

  3. Terri

    God is so good to us He gave us His only son to die for our sins and rise again to be our living savior. I love this story. It proves that Jesus is alive and healing by He’s stripes.

  4. Lakesha

    Yes it is really encouraging please pray for me as I am dealing with crippling fear which have been consuming me I know it is a result of my disobedience also and need god and believer to pray I will be deliver from this prison.

  5. Mickey

    God is good – all the time. We Christians must continue to prayer for each and other. May the Lord touch many hearts through this ministry

  6. Jonathan

    Prayed for you. God bless you, I hope you cleanse your hands and become wholehearted towards the Lord alone, to draw near to God and have fear cast out. Here is a scripture about the love of God the antidote to fear. “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:17-19

  7. Judith

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am very gratefull. I two have a story to share. I have given my life to Jesus. I know he will help me. I know i have to go through these trials. I may phsycically and mentally suffer. But Jesus is my protector. And soon i shall be healed. Again thanks be to God. Amen. Judith.

  8. vernon

    praise God

  9. Bp

    I am praying; fear is the enemy’s tool. Keep Ephesians 6 close to your heart; armor up with the armor of God; give your fear to God; allow him to take it and don’t snatch it back.

    I understand fear; but God will take it if you want to relinquish it

  10. Peter

    Wonderful testimony of the power of faith and prayer when the Lord Jesus is your Saviour

  11. Annie

    I am praying for you now, Lakesha. God loves you and He is with you. He is faithful and is our reward. You can step out. Even if it does not feel like it, God is for you.

  12. David

    Lakesha, you need to get a hold of God’s word and get it into your heart. Jesus said if there are two or more that are gathered together in his name and agree together that what we bind on earth would be bound in heaven. You need to speak to that fear( in the name of JESUS ) and command it to leave you. You need to speak to that fear every time it rears its ugly head . You have to know that fear is NOT from God.

  13. Danny

    We really don’t fully experience God’s grace and power in every-day living, partially because we live in a very affluent society. We’ve been spoiled! Thanks to God that our Canadian Government helps us so much in giving free benefits like Hospital services, Doctor visits, etc. etc. Yes, may the Lord touch our hearts and maybe LISTEN! We can hep more than we realise. God bless the great ministry in India and other countries.

  14. Glenda

    What an great story about Awesome Jesus. Please pray for me as neurologists and rheumatologist have been unable to find out what’s going on with shakiness in back arms hips legs and gripping discomfort/tightening -ribs back. I’m praying for God’s Mercy, Protection. And Healing. He is the Healer.
    Thank you and God bless you…


    Glory be to our awesome God because His power is in every person that believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

    Thanks to the faithfull people that proclaim the Good News of Salvation throught Jesus Christ.

  16. Freda

    Great testimony of God’s goodness. May we continue to lift up prayer for GFA-supported missionaries and workers so that many more hear about and respond to the love of Christ. God bless you GFA, for the good work.

  17. Jules

    Lakesa, I have prayed for you that the Holy Spirit will show you how to surrender your life including the fear to Jesus. I suggest you memorize 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Then you will totally belong to Jesus and when the fear comes you can speak to the fear and say “Fear, God has not given you to me. I command you in Jesus name to leave me now.” Then begin to praise the Lord and see how quickly the fear will leave. God bless you. Jules USA

  18. Eileen

    Glenda ,Please know that this is a direct hit of satan and his demons ,don’t give in to fear ,just rejoice and Praise Jesus ,those demons will have to flea ,i’m Praying for them to remove them self from your body Amen …will continue to Pray for you sweetie ,may God richly Bless you ,be Healed in the name of Jesus …greetings form Canada

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