VBS Touches the Heart of Teenage Rebel

God often touches children's hearts through Vacation Bible SchoolTwenty children gathered for Vacation Bible School. Pastor Emet had planned many fun and educational activities for them, including action songs, teaching sessions and Scripture memory lessons. The pastor opened by praying for the Lord’s blessing over the three-day event.

Fifteen-year-old Nirmanyu was one of the children in attendance, but he didn’t expect to get much out of what Pastor Emet had to say.

Son Quits School, Disobeys Parents

Even though Nirmanyu’s parents had come to know Christ and were part of Pastor Emet’s congregation, the adolescent boy was living a reckless life that displayed no interest in the God his parents worshiped. He never prayed or read the Bible.

Nirmanyu wasn’t interested in school either. He didn’t study diligently for his 10th-grade exams, and when he failed, he quit school. This decision filled his parents with concern for his future.

But it wasn’t just Nirmanyu’s academic performance that grieved and worried his parents: He didn’t respect them. He ignored their instructions and spent his days roaming the village streets with other children, never coming home on time.

Teen’s Heart Softens As Pastor Teaches, Counsels

When Pastor Emet held a VBS from June 15 to 17, Nirmanyu came, even though he had little interest at first in what the pastor was saying.

Pastor Emet taught the children about Jesus, the true friend. He also taught them about the importance of listening to parents and studying well—two things Nirmanyu hadn’t been doing. As Pastor Emet shared, Nirmanyu’s attitude gradually began to change.

During VBS, Pastor Emet counseled Nirmanyu one-on-one. He discovered that behind Nirmanyu’s rebellious behavior lay an attitude of negativity and low self-esteem. Nirmanyu confided in Pastor Emet, telling him the reason why he performed poorly in school and failed his exams was because he thought he lacked wisdom. Pastor Emet challenged Nirmanyu’s negative attitude and gave the teenager hope, sharing that he could ask God for wisdom because He gives it generously. Pastor Emet prayed for Nirmanyu and encouraged him to sit and learn.

Over the three days, glimpses of change appeared in Nirmanyu’s behavior. At one point, when Pastor Emet gave the children some assignments to complete, Nirmanyu was the first one to finish. His mother noticed he was memorizing Scripture and reading the Bible, much to her surprise. She prayed for God to continue changing Nirmanyu’s attitude.

Changed Heart Sparks Gratitude

On the last day of VBS, Nirmanyu came to Pastor Emet and asked him to pray for him. The rebellious teen had realized he needed God in his life. Nirmanyu confessed his wrongdoings and bad attitude toward his parents. He asked God for forgiveness and decided that, by the grace of God, he would change.

“These three days were a blessing for me,” Nirmanyu told the pastor. “It was the first time in my life to be serious and learn about God. I believe that Jesus is my God. Even though I failed in the 10th grade, I will study seriously and serve the Lord in the future.”

Pastor Emet thanked the Lord for touching Nirmanyu’s heart and prayed for the young man.

Nirmanyu made a commitment to return to school, study well and obey his parents. He also began reading the Bible daily and attending church every Sunday. These changes in his life filled his family with gratitude.

“I am thankful to God and to the pastor for conducting the VBS program,” shared Nirmanyu’s mother. “Because of this program, my son’s life changed. After he failed in the 10th [grade], he decided that he would not study again. But after attending the VBS there is a change in his attitude. He is reading the Bible and has decided to study again.”

God used VBS to change Nirmanyu’s life and bring great joy to his family. Saeeda saw God use VBS not only to bless her children but also to change her own life.

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  1. Judy

    God is a mighty God. All changes come in great time. Always pray to the Almighty, for whatever is troubling you. He will see you through. It good to hear how one can, one day at a time.

  2. Alake

    Our God is awesome. The Unchangeable Changer. He rules in the affairs of mankind. The All-Sufficient God.

  3. Sandra


  4. Erinn

    Father be with Nirmanyu bless him and keep him! May he grow in you and glorify your Name.

  5. Clare

    Wonderful story. I will pray for Nirmanyu that he continues to follow Christ. May God continue to bless the gospel for asia team.

  6. Mickey

    I am praying for the VBS and I know the God I serve will give all the necessary tools to His missionaries and there will be much fruit, So great to read about the change in the children’s lives wich will in turn impact their families and communities. Keep up the good work in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

  7. Mark

    oh LORD God blessed be your Name.

  8. Tommie

    I thank my God for a chance life. God is good.

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