Showing Love Through Scissors, Soap and Mud Floors

Sisters of Compassion caring for an 101-year-old widow.
Anhithi and Yuktha served 101-year-old Unami by trimming her hair and nails and helping her bathe.

When Anhithi and Yuktha, two Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sisters of Compassion, felt burdened to minister to the needy people in their nation, they determined to show love through any opportunity that came their way. One day, it meant helping 101-year-old Unami tidy her appearance and clean her time-worn body, and helping Rakhi, another elderly widow, level the uneven floor of her bamboo house.

Honoring a 101-year-old Woman

Unami’s daughter, Sashar, worked as a daily laborer to provide for herself and Unami. Anhithi and Yuktha often visited these two women in their small house, encouraging Unami and her daughter and praying with them. During their visits, Anhithi and Yuktha observed Unami’s disheveled hair and hardened nails. Filled with love for the old woman, they offered to help her tidy up and take a bath.

Touched at the thoughtful gesture, Unami eagerly accepted the sisters’ help. The two women bent over their friend, carefully trimming her hair and nails and helping her bathe.

“None of my grandchildren or daughters would do [something] like this to me,” Unami shared, “but you are very kind to me.”

Daughter Is Grateful for Helping Hands

One of Unami’s other daughters happened to visit while Anhithi and Yuktha were serving Unami. The servant’s heart demonstrated by the Sisters of Compassion intrigued her.

“You sisters are very good,” she told them, “You are different. You are doing all this with a kind heart and joy. I am very much thankful to you.”

Serving a Widow Through Housework

Later that day, Anhithi and Yuktha served another widow, Rakhi, by finishing the mud floor in her bamboo hut.

That same day, Anhithi and Yuktha ventured into a potentially unfriendly environment to help another widow named Rakhi clean and finish constructing her home.

Previously, Rakhi’s neighbors had counseled Anhithi and Yuktha against visiting Rakhi, warning them that her son, Raj, would not receive them kindly. Firm in his own religious beliefs, Raj had little patience for people who loved Jesus. Still, love and courage filled the sisters’ hearts as they decided to visit Rakhi anyway.

Rakhi welcomed them in and shared about her struggle to complete the construction of her home. She collected bottles and sold them as her livelihood, which left her no time to finish her bamboo home. Seeing their interest and their willing hearts, Rakhi asked the two Sisters of Compassion for their help.

Rakhi deeply appreciated the help with her home and desired to learn more about the Jesus who inspires these sisters to serve others so graciously.

Humble Actions Noticed by Son

Going the extra mile, Anhithi and Yuktha returned later and helped Rakhi clean the house and even level the dirt floor, spreading the thick mud around with their hands. Surprisingly, Raj’s response to the sisters was completely different than expected. He was grateful for their help with the house and worked with them throughout the project.

Observing the care and generosity exhibited by the sisters, Raj asked what would prompt them to serve this way. Anhithi and Yuktha explained that their actions were motivated by their deep love for God and that they love others because He first loved them. They cared for people and served as an outflow of their love for God.

When Raj and Rakhi heard about the love God showed toward mankind and saw Anhithi and Yuktha put it into action, they both hungered to have that same love within themselves too. Gratitude shone in Rakhi’s eyes as she thanked the Sisters of Compassion for their help and expressed her desire to attend church with them in the future. Even Raj’s heart softened after witnessing the love the sisters demonstrated.

“I am so touched by your care,” Raj shared, “I want to know more about Jesus.”

Unami and Rakhi both experienced Christ’s love through the helping hands of Anhithi and Yuktha. Read how Anhithi and Yuktha helped 10 other widows in practical ways.

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  1. Bernhard

    Amazing love

  2. Linda

    This is just like in Phillipians chapter2. Caring about others and putting their interests in front of yours!! Paul said we must care about others and not be selfish. These sisters have lived this chapter of the bible. Be doers of the word and not just hearers, really applies to them!!! Good work sisters, keep loving and giving in Jesus name!!!

  3. Gigiz

    thanks so much to the sisters for your love to God and people

  4. Karen

    Loving like Jesus is the best testimony to His life in us. May I do the same in my community.

  5. Merylin

    Jesus says Love your neighbour as yourself. These Sisters of Mercy show the real meaning of Jesus love .I have to ask myself and other Christians here in Australia would we do the work these lovely women do will I go into some dirty old man’s or woman’s house and get down on my knees and clean it? Many of these overseas Christians put our Faith to shame,we have become so used to the riches we have so used to the soft life we live so used to saying The Government should do something about this.
    How many of us think that going to church on a Sunday is all we have to do to be saved,we’ll just give a bit of money to the church and they will do something good with it. Well I hate to say it but that doesn’t cut it with God.He expects us to give ourselves as well. So all you Christians out there lets do as these lovely Christian women do and get down and dirty lets give of ourselves and follow their faithful example. I praise God and thank Him fore allowing me to see just how I should be living. God bless you Sisters I wish I could join you.

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