Special Love for a Withdrawn Child

Shy child grows in confidence
Bridge of Hope staff members often form special friendships with the students in their centers.

Sumit stretched his hands out over the sick boy, fervently asking Jesus to heal Niral. During the past two years, Sumit had grown to love the child, and his heart cried out to God on Niral’s behalf.

Teacher Invests in Shy Child

When Sumit, a social worker serving at a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope center, first met Niral three years earlier, he saw a 6-year-old preschooler who was often very quiet.

Endeared to the shy boy, Sumit asked about his family. He found out poverty gripped Niral’s family, and even though Niral’s father worked as a cook and his mother found labor jobs, food was often in short supply. Niral timidly went to a public school, but he had attended sporadically and struggled with his lessons. Seeing the family’s situation, the Bridge of Hope staff invited Niral and his sister to enroll in the program.

Hearing the details of Niral’s life, Sumit’s heart went out to the young boy, and he took special interest in Niral. He mentored him and offered him help with his school lessons. Sumit explained the class notes to him and sought to instill in Niral a desire to learn. He also encouraged Niral to participate in sports, which would help him overcome his shyness.

With Sumit’s guidance, Niral began excelling in his studies and happily played with other children. Sumit even taught Niral about good manners and moral values.

The Impact of Love and Prayers

The care Niral received at the Bridge of Hope center demonstrated Christ’s love to him and aligned with the stories he was learning about Jesus’ life. Soon, Niral, his sister and his mother began attending worship services led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor. They fed on the Word of God and discovered the grace and mercy of Jesus for themselves.

Then Niral fell sick and couldn’t attend school. As days passed, his condition only worsened. His mother informed the Bridge of Hope center coordinator about Niral’s illness, and soon all the Bridge of Hope staff and children were praying for the young boy.

Sumit frequently visited Niral to pray for him and to see the progress of the boy who was so dear to him. Soon, God answered their many prayers, and Niral completely recovered!

A Future in Christ

After witnessing God’s healing power, Niral’s mother trusted Jesus as her Savior. Niral’s faith in Jesus grew as well, and he eagerly prayed for those around him to find the hope his family had discovered.

During these three years, Sumit’s special love for Niral greatly impacted the young boy, and Niral thanked God for the time the Bridge of Hope staff invested in his life.

“As a result of joining Bridge of Hope, now I am interested in helping others,” Niral shared. “I received help from Bridge of Hope; in the same way, I would like to help the poor and needy.”


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