An Uncle’s Life-saving Love

Uncle and boy receive life-changing love.
Like Mani, this boy received love and acceptance from Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers.

Dhiraj tried to hush his upset wife, concerned her harsh words would reach his nephew’s ears, but she would not be hushed. She urged him to dump their nephew, 8-year-old Mani, at some faraway place so they would not need to care for him anymore. But Mani was weak and frail; missing just one day of his medication affected his ability to walk. Dhiraj knew if Mani had no one to care for him, his life would surely be at stake.

Only One Who Showed Love

Mani arrived in the world infected with HIV, and he soon lost both of his parents to the disease. His uncle, Dhiraj, took Mani in. He faithfully cared for the boy and provided his needed medicine, but Dhiraj’s wife wasn’t so welcoming. Mani’s disease left him with a bleak future, and she didn’t want to invest in him. Day after day, she tried to plant thoughts of abandonment in Dhiraj’s mind, but Dhiraj valued Mani’s fragile life and couldn’t think of listening to her. His determination to protect Mani led to strife within his home, but he shielded Mani from the arguments the best he could.

“If [Mani] would know that we are quarreling because of him, I don’t know how he would feel about it,” Dhiraj said. “I am very worried about this child, as I know his days are very limited.”

New Friends Support Uncle’s Resolve

But in 2015, three kindhearted women entered Mani’s life. Ishana, Chameli and Rashmi started serving as Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sisters of Compassion in Mani’s village. Together, they followed Christ’s example of valuing people society often discards. The sisters started praying for and encouraging the sick, counseling the hurting, offering practical help to the needy and providing free tutoring for poor children.

Mani joined 60 other children at the tutoring center the sisters started. The ladies provided school materials and hygiene items, such as soap and toothpaste, for Mani and the other poor children in their class. They loved the boys and girls dearly and told the children how precious they are to their Heavenly Father.

Ishana, Chameli and Rashmi understood Mani’s serious health problem, and they assured Dhiraj they would pray for his healing and help in any way they could.

“I am really so happy for these Sisters of Compassion,” Dhiraj shared. “I really appreciate them. In this situation, nobody is willing to accept Mani. But the way they care for him is so incredible.”

Uncle Discovers Heavenly Father’s Love

Ishana, Chameli and Rashmi ministered to Dhiraj as well, and they encouraged him through God’s Word. Gradually, Dhiraj understood that, although he loved his helpless nephew sacrificially, Jesus sacrificed even more to demonstrate His love for all people—even for those who despised Him. Realizing the immeasurable greatness of God, Dhiraj embraced Him as his Heavenly Father.

Mani likewise glimpsed the Lord’s love through the ministry of the Sisters of Compassion. Today as a result, Mani is loved by precious people in his life, and although his health and future are uncertain, he carries a hope for eternal life.

God’s love transforms hearts; please pray Mani’s aunt will discover how much God values even the frailest of children.

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