Compassion Meets a Troubled Mind

Man healed by Jesus of crippling mental dissorder
Through faith in Jesus, Adway (not pictured) found peace with God and deliverance from a crippling mental disorder.

Adway, a husband and father of three, was burdened with a disease of the mind, which resulted in his agony, suffering and uncontrollable physical outbursts.

When the disease first took hold of Adway, he sought medical help and eventually recovered after various treatments. But within five years, the disease and all of its symptoms returned to wreak havoc on Adway and his family.

In desperation, Adway’s family turned toward costly treatments again and visited various temples to seek healing. They were even told of a holy book some believed could heal any sickness if read seven times. Willing to try anything to be free of his torment, Adway read the book, but all his attempts to find healing brought no change.

A Compassionate Neighbor

During Adway’s struggle, a schoolteacher named Anandini visited Adway’s home and shared about Christ’s power to heal. She earnestly believed that if her pastor prayed for Adway in Jesus’ name, he would be completely restored, so she encouraged Adway to seek Jesus.

After hearing about the Healer, Adway and his family held a glimmer of hope and attended the worship service at Anandini’s church, which was led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Pastor Lukesh. Pastor Lukesh shared with Adway and his family about the life and transforming power of Jesus, and he prayed an earnest prayer to God, asking Him to heal Adway’s mind. The change did not come instantly, but God gradually and completely delivered Adway from the mental disease he had suffered with for so many years.

New Lives of Prayer

Through the faith demonstrated by Pastor Lukesh in his earnest prayer for healing, Adway found deliverance in Christ from his mental disease. It was a miracle of God, and it was not only experienced by Adway but was also witnessed by his entire family and five other families that lived close by. After seeing this miracle, all six families embraced Jesus.

Their new faith brought them to regularly attend Sunday worship services with the other believers at the local church. Together, they learned more about Jesus and grew in their love for God, the One who transformed their lives so completely.


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  1. MARIE

    What a compassionate, mighty God we serve! Praise His wonderful Name! What a mighty miracle He has performed! Thank you Lord for freeing Adway, both physically and spiritually. Not only Adway but his whole family.

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