‘What Difference Will Jesus Make?’

Father delivered from Alcoholism
Alcoholism destroys many families in Asia. Falgu [not pictured] struggled for years to give up his drinking but could not, until he was introduced to Jesus and found deliverance from his addiction.
“My father is an alcoholic. Whenever he drinks alcohol, he becomes an angry and hateful person. He beats my mother almost every day. My family is going through a terrible time. He never loves or cares about us.”

This was the hopeless situation of a 10-year-old girl named Lalasa. She lived with her parents and four siblings in heartache and poverty. Her father and mother both worked extremely hard as daily wage laborers to earn just enough money to provide for their family. Unfortunately, Falgu, Lalasa’s father, spent much of their small earnings on alcohol, trying to satisfy his addiction. Lalasa’s family lived in absolute despair and pain because of Falgu’s intoxication.

A Compassionate Stranger

Then one day, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Sayam was at Lalasa’s school. When he met Lalasa, he shared about the love Jesus had for her, and he gave her a piece of literature to take home. Lalasa excitedly listened about Jesus and eagerly wanted to know more about Him. She told Pastor Sayam about all the pain her family experienced because of her father’s drunkenness, how he beat her mother and also about their impoverished condition.

Moved with compassion, Pastor Sayam encouraged Lalasa by sharing more of God’s Word with her, and he promised to pray for her family. Lalasa overflowed with happiness to learn about Jesus’ love for her. Filled with hope, she invited Pastor Sayam to her home.

An Alcoholic’s Thirst Quenched by Living Water

Soon after, Pastor Sayam visited Lalasa’s home. He shared with her parents from God’s Word and explained that Jesus Christ could bring peace to their family if they would believe and respond to the immeasurable hope found in Him.

Sayam’s words greatly encouraged Lalasa’s mother, and she decided to attend the worship services to learn more about Jesus. After a few months of participating in the services, she began to notice a great change in her husband: He gave up drinking alcohol, and instead of abusing her, he treated her with love and kindness.

“I had been addicted to alcohol, and I used to quarrel with my wife over silly matters. I tried so many times to get away from this habit but failed each time,” Falgu said. “Pastor Sayam . . . happened to visit us, and he told us about the love of Christ. I thought to myself, We have so many gods and goddesses in our religion, but they are not listening to us. What difference will Jesus make?

“However,” he continued, “one day I attended the church and saw people joyfully singing songs. There I came to know that Jesus came to this earth to save sinners. The pastor prayed for me. God heard his prayer and has given me complete deliverance from alcohol addiction.”

As a result, Lalasa and both of her parents decided to embrace Jesus as their own, and they began regularly attending worship services as a family. Her father found freedom from alcoholism, and her family found hope because of a compassionate stranger who told them about the transforming life of Jesus Christ.


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  1. David

    Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Morike

    With God all things are possible.Also the prayer of the righteous availeth much and prayer in Jesus name can really changes situation as it did for the alcoholic man.Glory be to God.

  3. Marilou

    Jesus is the Word of God that can transform the lives of the hearers. He is the Lord of impossibilities, those who believes in Him have already crossed over from death to life. Only in Him we can find true peace and joy…for He is the way, the truth and the life. All praises and glory to the most high!

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