Young Boy Turned Laborer After Father Murders Wife

6-year-old Akmal didn’t know where the train was heading, but he was sure of one thing: He was never going back. Why did his uncle beat him? Why did his father have to kill his mother? Now he was alone and unsure of his future. As the train’s wheels turned on the tracks, Akmal’s life took a turn of its own.

This is Akmal in 2013 when he was 10 years old.

A Tragic Childhood

Akmal was helpless. His father had run away after he murdered his own wife and had left behind no trace of his whereabouts.

No one in Akmal’s village pitied or took in the now abandoned and parent-less child. When Akmal’s uncle, who lived in another village, heard about the young boy’s situation, he brought Akmal into his own house. But this turned out to be no home for Akmal.

Akmal’s uncle was of no comfort. He left no room for Akmal to open up and share his hurts. He gave the young boy no opportunity to recover from the trauma of losing his mother and being left behind by his own dad. Instead of giving love and care, his uncle made Akmal throw away waste and sweep the house. Instead of words of comfort and sympathy, Akmal received harsh commands.

Escaping Abuse by Running Away

After a few days of living with his rough uncle, Akmal was cruelly beaten. This abuse was too much for little Akmal, and he decided to run away. He made it to a train station, believing there he would find freedom. But he didn’t know where any of the trains were heading. Without a second thought, Akmal slipped on board of one. Seventeen to 20 hours later, he arrived to a new life.

But he was alone. No one to look after him. No one to protect him. Vulnerable.

Then Akmal met a young man who worked for a toy factory. The man took lonely Akmal into his home, most likely promising the 6-year-old that he would take care of him, he would provide food, shelter . . . maybe even love. However, Akmal ended up spending most of his time on the streets and at railway stations selling toys for the man.

Instead of playing with the toys himself, Akmal had to sell them to travelers. Instead of going to school each morning and coming home to a happy family, little Akmal worked with a man he just met in order to survive. After a few months of this exploitation, Akmal’s life took another unexpected turn.

Rescued from Child Labor

One day, authorities found Akmal selling toys at the station. They brought him to a GFA-supported home for abandoned and runaway children. There at the home, also known as “House of Hope,” he received love, education and a chance to live a normal childhood, instead of abuse and abandonment.

While living at a Gospel for Asia (GFA) -supported home for abandoned and runaway children, Akmal was able to study and go to school.

As the staff poured into Akmal’s life, he learned about the love of Jesus, the One who looks after the fatherless. Through the heart of Christ displayed in others, God gave little Akmal the chance to know he is valuable. Though Akmal didn’t know where he was going that day he boarded the train, God saw him each step of the way and lead him to a place where he could be loved—a place where he would be safe.

Thousands of Others Vulnerable to Exploitation

Akmal’s story is, sadly, just one of the many thousands of stories of children left alone and abandoned. Abused and hurt without a cause, these precious ones don’t know God loves and values them.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported street children’s homes are for children such as these. Our brothers and sisters in Christ work tirelessly to care for each child and offer counseling to help them walk through their trauma. Most children at the homes have gone through very traumatic situations, like Akmal.

Akmal (left) got his childhood back through the GFA-supported “House of Hope.” Look at his smiling face! He now knows he is loved by God and created in His image.

Please pray for these homes. Pray God will bring the fatherless, abandoned and outcast to a place they can call home.

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  1. William

    This touched my heart.. Not only will I pray but we will continue to help this children through GFA. Organic, WS

  2. Peggy

    An extraordinary story!!!! Wish we could read stories like this on the front page instead of stories about terrorism and drug abuse!

  3. Lola

    I am happy he made the decision to run away even when h did not know where he would end up . I have 3 sons of my own, all adults now, each with their own challenges. will support where and when I can.

  4. Frans - Namibia

    Thanksgiving to our LORD Jesus Christ through GFA may our Good LORD be with you and providing all your needs as you continue to support and help the fatherless, the poor and all those on need, may He store their peace and comfort as He healing their wounded. it’s really a great love to take care and look after the orphans like Akmal and others. The bible says: “He (God will not leave you, nor forsake you at all” May God bless you all with every spiritual blessings for your good work.

  5. Frank

    This is the work and love of our heavenly Father, through His Son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise be to God.

  6. Nancy

    This story has touched my heart also. I know God is watching over these children, even though we hear of so many horrors in this world. I pray for all the caretakers in facilities like ” House of Hope.” They are angels on Earth.

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