Peace That Surpasses Sadness

Overcome by sadness, Mayra held no hope for her future. As a widowed mother of three, she was torn between leaving this world and staying with her children. Would anything come into her life to keep her going?

Stripped of Joy

Mayra spent her childhood in an area of Asia where child marriage was commonly practiced. In her youth, Mayra married a kind and understanding man named Jatan. Together they established their home and raised their three sons. Their lives were happy—until the worst happened. In 2011, Jatan tragically passed away without warning in an accident, leaving behind his family and taking their happiness with him.

Mayra, now 39, did not know what to do. She had spent most of her life with Jatan, and because had always been the breadwinner, she did not have a profession or skill to fall back on. Mayra didn’t have any money for her family’s needs, and they often went hungry. The weight of these responsibilities and her despair almost consumed her life.

Mayra (pictured) reeled in helplessness and pain after becoming a widow. Through the ministry and prayers of Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers in her area, she found new hope for her life.

Walking Away

Mayra no longer enjoyed the normal things in life. She began thinking it would be easier to die than to deal with her broken heart and the difficulties she faced. She decided that she would also leave this world behind, but she never carried out her suicide plan. One thing stopped her: If she was gone, what would happen to her sons—her husband’s children?

Mayra watched her children deal with the loss of their father. Even though the love she had for her children saved Mayra’s life, every morning she awoke to face the reality of her situation, and the sadness in her heart wore her down. She cried every day. Would she ever find anything to restore her joy?

After some time, Mayra accepted pain and suffering as a part of life. She began to engage with life, spending time with her sons, praying to her deity and working in fields. Mayra’s hard work did not earn enough money to properly care for her children, but she believed that one day her deity would deliver her from their problems. But as the years passed, that day never came.

A New Hope: The Lord Will Provide

Then one day, Mayra witnessed a miracle; someone in her village received complete healing from an illness as a result of prayers from a local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, Tahir. Because of this, Mayra began to realize that Jesus is the One who would sustain her through life’s difficulties.

Eager to learn more about Jesus, Mayra sought Pastor Tahir one evening as he shared a message with people from his fellowship. Upon hearing the message and praying with Pastor Tahir, Mayra believed in Jesus. For the first time in years, Mayra experienced peace.

As she began to trust Jesus, Mayra developed a habit of bringing her daily needs to Him. The Lord responded and provided for her and her boys; they now have enough food in their home, and her sons are attending school.

Thanks to the Lord’s mercy and the presence of a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary, Mayra found Christ as her source of life and regained joy. Now she is an active member of Pastor Tahir’s fellowship, worshiping, serving and praying to her loving Prince of Peace.

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  1. Wanda

    Through tradgey we learn from where our peace comes my mother went home to be with Jesus Christ I rejoice with her but My best friend isn’t here.And husband went home to be with Jesus 5 years ago.Yet I’m depending on Jesus Christ he is my peace and comfort.

  2. Raymond

    Thank You for the beautiful stories of hope that brothers and sisters are finding in Christ Jesus Our Lord. God Bless You Abundantly

  3. Sherry

    Praise the Lord for those called by Him and willing to go. What a price? No, no – what a gift!

  4. Chris

    May God bless all the human vessels in His hand that He is using to bring the lost into His Kingdom of light and I pray that they also will live holy to inheit their crown of reward in Jesus Name Amen.

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