Thriving Graduate Aims to Become a Teacher

Aayush didn’t study. How could he when his father disrupted the entire household in his drunken state? He watched as his mother endured continual verbal abuse and beatings executed by his intoxicated dad. School just didn’t seem important to distraught Aayush or to his troubled family. Besides—they couldn’t afford it.

Aayush was a distressed little boy. The tussles and unrest in his family weighed on him. But it was during this time of crisis that Aayush learned about Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope centers. His cousin attended a center and told Aayush all about the fun activities he got to participate in.

This is Aayush. As a little boy, he was troubled by his family situation, but when he enrolled in Bridge of Hope, his life began to change.

A Never-fading Ray of Hope

Aayush and two of his brothers received the exciting opportunity to attend Bridge of Hope, and in 2005, they enrolled at the center their cousin attended. This is when transformation made its way into Aayush’s life—and the lives of his family.

A ray of hope beamed in Aayush’s heart as he experienced genuine love from his teachers at the center. Their help gave him courage to concentrate on his studies. Not only was he getting help with school, but he was also receiving a healthy meal and school supplies. The Bridge of Hope staff cared tenderly for Aayush, and they even visited his family from time to time to encourage them.

Aayush began to share the things he was learning at the center with his parents. Much to Aayush’s delight, his father’s life gradually began to change. Over time, he quit drinking, and his entire family received peace and blessing in their lives!

Aayush’s personal life grew and thrived as he matured from a distressed 10-year-old boy into a capable young man. The boy who was once shy danced before crowds in cultural productions and even regularly played an important role during the annual Christmas skits the center held.

Now a graduate, Aayush desires to become a teacher. The Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope center gave him the tools he needed to pursue higher education.

‘So Thankful for Bridge of Hope’

Aayush graduated in 2015 and continued moving forward in life equipped through his years in Bridge of Hope. He is still very grateful to the center and said, “I am so thankful to Bridge of Hope because I received all the help from Bridge of Hope for my education.”

Today, 22-year-old Aayush wants to become a teacher and is working toward that goal as he pursues higher education. Bridge of Hope not only paved the way for Aayush to achieve an education, but it also brought about a way for his family to be healed and restored!

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