Hope Is Born When Widows Meet

Kalinda had once lived happily among her family members and all who knew her. She was recognized throughout her village as a good lady who honored the elderly and loved the young ones. Life was normal and blissful for her hardworking husband and two growing sons. They worked side by side each day, tending to the needs of the family.

But this happy life shattered almost in an instant. Kalinda’s husband suffered from paralysis and tragically died a week later. Kalinda had spent all their money on medical treatments and doctor fees in vain—now she had nothing left.

Kalinda (pictured) experienced many sorrows after her husband died. Through her widowed neighbor she found hope in Christ.

Sons Find Solace in Strong Drink

The pain of loss created a turbulent atmosphere inside their home. Kalinda’s boys, in order to ease their pain, began to drink heavily. They also quit working. No matter how much their mother pleaded with them to give up their addiction and to go back to work, they wouldn’t change. Provision was completely up to the aging widow.

To keep the family going, Kalinda asked for loans from her relatives. But as months swept past her, she found she couldn’t pay them back. Peace ebbed away from the widow’s heart as she scrubbed dishes in other people’s homes—a vain attempt to pay off all the debts she owed. Her once happy life was gone. She felt truly alone.

Widow Finds Comfort in Pouring out Her Heart

The weight of these troubles spilled out one day when Kalinda struck up a conversation with Lillian, her neighbor, who also was a widow.

“My husband died. Now both my sons became so disobedient and lazy,” she lamented. “Moreover, they started to drink alcohol as well. Sometimes, when they went for labor work, whatever they earned they would spend on drinking alcohol. How will I run the family without their help?”

Lillian’s heart filled with deep compassion as she watched tears stream down Kalinda’s face.

“My condition was also not good,” Lillian comforted. “But when I attended the church and prayed to God earnestly, now I am not anxious like before because I know God will surely help me to overcome any situation, and He will meet all my needs.”

Answered Prayer and New Life

These words must have sunk deep into Kalinda’s heart, because a few months later, they brought her to church alongside Lillian. During the worship service, Kalinda shared about her situation with the believers. Together, they cried out to God on behalf of Kalinda.

After the service, Kalinda met with Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Tanip and asked him to pray and visit her home and her sons. Pastor Tanip began to regularly encourage Kalinda and her sons from God’s Word, while he and his congregation prayed faithfully for them.

Kalinda was strengthened in her faith as she saw the Lord change the hearts of her rebellious sons. They began to go back to work and listen to their mother. Kalinda witnessed the love and power of God’s grace in her life, and she decided she to make room for Him in her heart.

Now, Kalinda can be found worshiping Jesus among other faithful believers at church each Sunday. She continues to pray for the Lord to soften her sons’ hearts, that they may find God as their Heavenly Father.

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  1. Julia

    Thank God that your friend encouraged you to go to church and found Jesus and your sons have changed Praise God. Very touching story I was touched by it

  2. Ellen

    I am so happy you found God and your sons also. Continue in prayer always in Jesus and see the wonderful things that will happen in your life…With God All is possible…May God continue to Bless you and your sons and always keep the Faith <3

  3. Lakesha

    The Lord is wonderful I can relate I am a single mother of five children never been married but I constantly battle with the thought of my children going astray I see alot of angry in my oldest daughter and I have alot of it to. I am glad God is working with your two sons and your self he working things out in my life as well keep the faith sister. Love you in Christ

  4. Christopher

    I pray GOD’s blessings in every way on these people. May the Holy Spirit touch every one of them with peace and encouragement.

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